5 Key Analytics for an Optimized User-centric Content Marketing Strategy

Anyone can create content. But it takes effort, sweat, and mastery to produce content that engages people. If you are a startup, ask yourself, is your audience consuming your content in a way that will force them to buy your product? 

If the content is not enticing the users, your efforts will go in vain. 

You might assume that bounce rate, several users on your website, sessions per visit will help you analyze the user intent, but before that, you must create content that can engage users and keep them on the website. 

Let us look at some of the user-centric content strategies by which you can persuade your users to stick to your website. 

#1: Be Original 

Today, it’s impossible to create a content for the user that is 100% unique. 

Someone else out there is probably talking about the same thing. And that’s perfectly fine. 

The idea is to produce content that has your flavor. The most engaging content is original. 

The gist is to create content that stands out from the rest of the competition. 

Forget about that boring content that was written to please search engines. Now, it is time to make people happy. Add your unique voice and make it personal. When you add a personal touch to your content, there is a chance that other people will be able to relate to that too. 

Every content that you put out there must say something about your brand. For instance, take the mission statement of Warby Parker as an example: 

The Mission Statement Of Warby Parker As An User-centric content Example
The Mission Statement Of Warby Parker As An Example (source)

The statement is original and comes right from the heart of the founder. And the mission statement offers complete information on what the brand offers to its customers. 

#2: Produce content that drives action 

For your content to drive action, it must offer something actionable to the end-user. 

You need to analyze and learn which user-centric content was consumed by your customer and which of the content forced them to take action.

Be it a landing page or a product page, the content must provide something to move forward. For eCommerce stores ‘Add to cart’ button is something that takes the customer forward. For a blog, it might be subscribing to the blog. 

Find out what you want from the user and invest your time and brain in making it desirable and clickable. 

#3: Tell a story 

Do you know what happens online in 60 seconds? There are a lot of things that happen in just one minute. For you to stand out from your competition, you must tell a unique story. 

Why do you think people prefer to read books instead of watching TV shows? That’s because, in a book, the story is outlined in more detail. Such that these stories strike the emotions of readers. 

The same goes for people who visit your website. They are trained to read stories. If you tell a story in your content, there is a chance that they will engage with your content. 

Master the art of storytelling. No matter which business you run, there is always a story behind it. Find out your story and share it with your audience. This will help readers connect with your content more deeply. 

The latest trend is to tell data-driven stories. These stories make the users take action and do business with you. 

#4: Use Visuals appeal to drive attention to user-centric

At times it is not just about the user content. The first thing that the visitor will witness is an image. 

Pictures speak louder than words. When you add pictures with content, this creates the ultimate combination. 

The most popular way to grab the attention of users is to create infographics related to how-to, product demos, and interviews that provide information without taking much time of the user.  

This is why you see brands on social media using compelling visuals all the time. Visuals are a way to attract more people by making less effort. 

#5: Mix and match your content 

No one loves boring content. 

If you want to attract users, the best way is to keep them on their toes by varying the type of content that you produce. 

For instance, if one day you tell a story, the second day talks about some research. And the next day discusses something that is trending. 

In this way, you’ll be able to keep the attention of the user. They will be intrigued by what you will post next. 

The trick is to create content that will leave them desiring for more. 

You don’t know which user-centric content might attract your target audience, which is why it is necessary to produce various types of content and monitor the response of the audience. 

When you change the content type, you’ll know which of the content is generating more traffic, and you can then focus on that content more often than the rest. 

On the whole 

Producing engaging content is not at all easy. That’s why businesses find it challenging and hire professional copywriters to create content for them. 

The key is to make the content engaging. If the produced content is not engaging the audience, it means that something is wrong in that content. 

Tell stories, share what’s valuable, and give them more reasons to come back for more. 

Think outside the box and come up with content that is unique and entertaining. 

Your brand holds a personality. The content you create will drive that personality. So, the content you create must make them feel the personality of your brand. 

These five tips are tried and tested dozens of times, and they work all the time. 

It might sound difficult or, at times, impossible to engage the audience with content. But with some effort, time, and brainstorming, the same content can drive massive business for you.

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