How to Monetize Your Branded Giveaways?

Almost all brands of the day have a digital marketing strategy in place. While these strategies help in making these brands and their services accessible to every potential user out there, they also serve to dehumanize them to a certain extent. Popular brands always have a certain degree of tangibility. Along with the mobile notifications and email updates, they always present people with promotional products during certain stages of the consumer’s journey through the sales funnel.

What are the promotional products?

Promotional products can be any item with the advertiser’s name, logo or message. These promote brand awareness among the consumer and other potential users who come across these products. Apart from being useful and becoming a part of the customer’s daily life, these products are robust marketing tools that allow the brands to establish strong relationships with the customers. Since they command the engagement of one or more senses with their physical presence, they promise a memorable brand experience. Visit Superior Resource’s promotional products in NYC to learn more about the different categories of products you can use for brand promotions.

Promotional products can range from something simple like glass paperweights, wooden coasters, and eco-friendly water bottles, to more flamboyant stuff including garden umbrellas, cushion for patio furniture, car decals, and duffel bags. The most popular and cost-effective options include embossed or branded coffee mugs, sippers, water bottles, and stationary. The advantage of selecting such daily use products is keeping the brand name, colors and messages in plain sight. The users and the people around them become more familiar with the brand’s logo, name, and colors. The sense of familiarity works towards creating a positive impact while making a purchasing decision.

Why should your brand consider investing in promotional products?

Research shows that over 88% of the consumers, who have received promotional products in the last one year remember the name of the advertiser. Over 85% of them continue doing business with the brand giving away the promotional products. It clearly shows the positive impact these branded products have on the recipients. Promotional products work better than most push notifications on mobile phones, email marketing campaigns and online website offers. People who shop online can receive promotional products as parts of different seasonal campaigns, and those, who buy from physical stores can also get them from the POS (point of sale). Over 83% of the customers love receiving free gifts.

How can you make promotional products work?

It is up to the brand to find products that are suitable for their niche audience. The level of appreciation among the customers will depend directly upon the aptness of the products you have chosen. To find the best promotional products for your audience base, you should dig into your consumer demographics. Who are your highest paying customers? How old are they? Where do they reside? Answering these questions will help you find the perfect items that will command their attention and their long-term loyalty. Offering golf bags and leather goods to youngsters might not have the same positive impact as giving away mobile phone products and flash drives to them.

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