How to Find a Perfect Content Writer for Your Blog

There are plenty of places you can look to find a perfect content writer for your blog. You may hire somebody and allow him or her to take credit for each post by adding his or her own name, or you may put your own name to the blog posts that he or she writes.

This article shows you where to find the best writer for your blog, and it gives a few tips on mistakes you should avoid during your search for a great content writer.

Try A Friend

Oddly enough, you probably know a few good writers. Some people are naturally good at writing; they just don’t know it yet. Maybe you have a friend who needs a paid hobby, or maybe a friend who needs a little cash.

If that is the case, then ask that friend to write a blog post for you. Pay him or her for it no matter how good or bad it is (to protect the friendship). Pretend that you are submitting the writing to another webmaster.

That way, if the blog post is terrible, you can tell your friend that the other webmaster didn’t get back to you and that he or she has probably found somebody else.

Try A Writing Service

Some people use a writing service to generate fresh blog content. Most people use writing services when they have come up a little dry themselves. If you are having a serious bout of writer’s block, then consider hiring a writing service for one-off pieces. You do not have to sign up for a subscription, and you do not have to hire the writing service again if you do not want to.

Check out a few writing services reviews before you make your order to be sure the company you are using isn’t a scammer or a plagiarizer.

Try A Social Media Influencer

Even if the social media influencer is a poor quality writer, there is a chance that he or she will bring part of his or her audience on to your blog. That way, you are getting your blog content written for you, and part of your blog marketing is being done at the same time.

Plus, there is always a chance that a charismatic social media influencer will be able to weave the same sort of magic on your blog. That person may create a highly followed blog by simply doing what he or she does on social media, or by taking your topic and adding his or her own flavor.

Try Hiring A Current Blogger

The easiest way to find a great content blogger is to look online for popular bloggers. Look for bloggers who are already popular within your certain niche area. There is a good chance that the blogger has very little going on. He or she may be thrilled to take on a paid writing gig. The great thing is that you already know how good or bad the blogger is because you can read his or her blog and find out.

If you are worried about wandering away from your blog and reading your writer’s blog, then have the blogger ghostwrite for you where the blogger writes the content and you put your name on it.

Things You Shouldn’t Try

This article is loaded with ideas on where to turn, but before you start, here are a few things you should avoid. These are typical mistakes and reasons why they are terrible.

1. Do not post the job opening on social media

The response you get will be truly horrifying. You will receive everything from people pushing their 22,000-word romance manuscript onto you, to being trolled for not choosing an African, lesbian, Muslim, transgender, disabled poet as your writer because you are worse than Hitler.

2. Do not create affiliate adverts for the job

They are a waste of money, and there is little chance you will ever get the sort of response that turns into a full-time writer.

3. Do not ask lonely or needy friends

Telling them that their whiny, self-indulgent and pathetic written ramblings are not what your blog needs is not fun.

4. Do not ask your current squeeze

Couples break up all the time. The last thing you want is a blog full of your ex’s posts. Plus, you lose a writer when you lose your lover.

5. Do not pay pennies

If you are not paying $5 per 100 words, then the only people who will respond to your adverts are Southeast Asian people who can live on two dollars per day.

Order Blog Posts One At A Time

You can take on a permanent blogger who writes blog posts for you on a weekly basis, but during the first few months, it is best to buy blog posts one at a time or in small batches. Due to the fact your blogger is relatively new to you, it may be a good idea to order one, and then order your blog posts four at a time on a monthly basis. If the writer continues to create top quality content, then you may negotiate a more permanent contract.

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