15 Awesome Online Tools to Be a Better Digital Marketer

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is an exploding industry and it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with all of the developments that seem to happen on an almost daily basis. Fortunately, there are now several online tools that can make your job easier and help you stay ahead of the trend and your competitors.

1. Hubspot

This website is largely free to use and provides some really useful features that can be used on a daily basis. You can integrate all of your office emails and schedules, as well as make use of templates and a shared library full of content.

2. Sprout Social

One of the best parts about this for digital marketers is the fact that there’s a 30-day free trial, so digital marketers can really test out if this is right for your business. Most businesses do find this platform ideal for their management and engagement needs.

3. Paper Fellows

One of the main tasks for digital marketers lies in producing well written, original, and high-quality content consistently. Writing may not come naturally to people who have trained in business, marketing, or advertising; however, there are fortunately experts who can provide advice and support in the forums here.

4. Buffer

Most digital marketing will take place on social media. It’s difficult to stay on top of multiple platforms, especially when you commit to engagement with customers. This app allows you connect to multiple forms of social media, schedule posts that can then be sent to multiple platforms.

5. Boomerang App

Any digital marketer knows that you will be inundated with emails all day every day and it can be hard to stay on top of them all, especially if you have multiple accounts and devices. This helps you stay on top of emails, through features like snoozing, scheduling, and reminders to follow up.

6. Big Assignments

As a digital marketer, your days will be full and varied. You may not have the tie to sit and write content that is of a high enough standard to post. For this reason, amongst many others, many businesses choose to hire a professional writer or editor from this website.

7. Mail Chimp

Email might sound like an older technique than social media marketing, however, it is still effective, produces great results, and is used by most businesses. This is one of the best and biggest email marketing platforms around, and the best news is that they have some free plans.

8. Google Analytics

This may sound obvious, however Google’s own analytics can provide some really in depth and useful information. It is absolutely worth learning how to understand the information presented here as it could prove to be essential to the future of your business.

9. Academized

All digital marketers are concerned about SEO. And search engine crawlers are now sufficiently sophisticated to pick up on when there are issues with spelling and grammar, as well as when content is duplicated. Don’t take any chances with your content, instead hire a professional writer or editor on this website.

10. Apester

It’s well acknowledged that interactive content like quizzes can provide a massive boost for audience engagement. This kind of content can be difficult or time-consuming to produce yourself, but this tool makes it a whole lot quicker and easier.

11. Piktochart

Sometimes digital marketers need to provide a lot of dry or complicated information, and it can be difficult to present this in an entertaining way for your audience. However, infographics are a colorful way to express complex information in a way that appeals to your readers, and they are super simple to make with this tool.

12. Ox Essays

Businesses outsource a lot of tasks that they don’t have time for, from manual labor to financial consultants. There’s no reason to have a different attitude towards other business needs, and many companies now hire expert writers and editors from this site for their web content and blog posts. This ensures that your content is well written, which is good for your business, and good for your customers too. As SEO can be negatively impacted by a high bounce back rate from your website, it’s important for SEO to keep your customers happy.


Very few digital marketers relish the thought of analyzing metrics and coming up with solutions to the problems they find therein. This website helps really transform analytics into data that you can really understand which in turn makes it easier to find solutions to any online issues you’ve been having. This can save you hours of time, and also help you stay one step ahead of any problems your business may face online.


Lists are an increasingly popular format for web content. People love lists, and will consistently read list-based content. People will create and read lists on a variety of subjects and so they can be a great form of content for pretty much every kind of business. This is a great site to create lists or get ideas for web content. You may be surprised how much you can expand your audience from a site like this.


This is a great plugin for websites that are looking to fuel their SEO. All digital marketers need to prioritize SEO as if they ignore it, their site could become hard to find, and they lose their audience. This website makes it quick and easy to optimize SEO.

Overall, there are a lot of balls in the air that a digital marketer is expected to juggle. It is a complex field that is made of many different strands of work, and it can be overwhelming to monitor all of the aspects that are important for your job. Fortunately, the fifteen tools listed above can make a digital marketer’s job much more manageable.

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