The 5 Most Effective Ways to Market Your Business

Some newcomers in business do not know about ways to promote their companies.

These methods have to be really cheap, as budgets for a thorough advertising campaign are absent among the majority of amateurs. That’s why we have gathered these five simple, not expensive but very effective ways how to promote business online.

How to Promote a Company with a Blog?

In order to conduct a blog, you need to improve your writing skills or hire professionals to create one for you. We prefer an experienced company, where qualified people write custom essay for me, as it is cheap, trustworthy and reliable. If you are able to spare a profound sum, it is useful to create a separate site devoted to advertising your services and goods. If not, there are a lot of free sites that allow writing a blog: BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

There you can not only write a blog but supply the articles with videos and pictures. You can use social networks or Live Journal for these purposes, but the resources we have mentioned above are better for advertising and promotion. You will not be able to promote your business until you make your blog popular.

Even the most popular and beautiful pictures will not make any effect if they are seen by few people. To attract people to your blog, mind some vital rules of online advertising:

  • Know what SEO is. Writing texts according to SEO rules and usage of keywords lets you move your site to the top-10 or top-20. If a reader notices your blog at the beginning of the search results table, your site will be visited by many people
  • Place only unique posts. Re-posting and plagiarism will only lower the blog’s ranking
  • Consider the titles, subtitles, and descriptions of the articles. These are parts that can serve as advertising, at least in social networks
  • Learn the most popular search inquiries made by users. Apply them to your texts
  • Illustrate the materials with motivating pictures or videos

How to Promote a Business with Videos?

This method cannot be called absolutely free, but it is not as expensive as you may think. There is no need to buy a luxury video camera or rent a professional studio. An amateur video camera or a digital camera will be enough. Now even a phone can shoot pretty short videos. You can master the basics of video editing by yourself.

YouTube is a place where you can send the marketing videos. You can buy a separate channel on this website for almost nothing. If you do not wish to spend extra money, post videos for free as a registered user. As you can understand, to make your video popular, you need to show some creativity and improve your marketing techniques.

You need to make a video that will be shared by youngsters, workmates in offices and relatives with the words ‘Check out that cool video on YouTube!’

If you just sit in front of a camera wearing a white shirt and start telling how tasty are the pancakes baked in your café with an expressionless voice, you will be watched only by a couple of friends. When someone finds such video, he will never visit the café owned by such a bore.

How to Advertise Your Business with Photos?

This method is absolutely free and can be a blockbuster for your business. You can use social networks for improving your chances. Registration will not take more than five minutes of your time and not even a penny from your purse. Do not limit yourself to social networks. Register on other resources, like stock photo services: Pinterest or Flickr.

If you are going to make interesting titles for photos, you will like a service called Exposure. Photos must frequently be posted: every day or two days. You risk losing your customers’ attention if you do it rarely. Pictures should be positive, causing a positive emotion: happiness, surprise, rapture, etc.

This positive emotion will be associated with the good or service you are going to promote. You can shoot everything: a good, the process of its making, sales devoted to it, etc.

Usage of Business Cards

Every self-respecting businessman should have a lot of business cards for not introducing like: ‘I am John Doe. Now I will write my number on this lousy piece of paper.’, but giving a beautiful business card. Amateur businessmen need to have as many of them as possible and give them to almost everyone. This is a simple but vital step of creating a marketing strategy.

A good business card should be:

  • Printed on a good paper
  • Contain an interesting design approach
  • Printed without mistakes

The best way is making an order in a professional publishing establishment. If you cannot afford this, you will need to learn some graphical design or find some ideas on the Internet. You can print them by yourself as well. For this, a good printer and some good paper are required.

How to Promote a Business by Telling About Yourself?

The best variant in this plan is presenting yourself on professional meetings, conferences, training, presentations, etc. They are attended not only by such businessmen as you. You can find journalists, students and regular people there. This way will help to find customers and, sometimes, investors and partners.

Now you know what you should begin with. Recall one saying: fear has a hundred eyes. Do not be afraid to begin. Even if you do not see quick results, keep up with working and one day you will find yourself successful.

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