4 Effective Tactics to Grow Your Email List as an E-Commerce Brand

We are living in a world where it’s crucial to have an online presence for your business to succeed. Once your website is up and running, you will need to find some effective ways to get targeted traffic. 

For all the e-commerce brands, seeing the graph go higher on the Analytics page is always a matter of relief. These numbers will not remain there forever and you will have to opt for other methods to increase the revenue. 

You probably know by now that no matter the numbers you are getting in the beginning, you need to focus on finding an effective method of reaching  visitors in the future. 

Moreover, it has to be with an undeniable offer when it comes to actually getting some engagement on your list of email. While it’s not in your control to turn the first-time visitor into a customer, you can gather information so that you don’t end up losing a potential customer. 

The best method  is to add them to your email list. There are certain tips and tricks that you need to make yourself familiar with to gather this data without intimidating the visitor. The primary purpose of email marketing is to reach potential clients without any other platform to help in sales. Apart from having an extensive list of email, you can also go through these marketing strategies to improve sales.

Tactics to Generate more Email List Sign-ups

We hope that the purpose of having an email list would now be clear to you. It’s obvious that you would like to gather some tips that you can implement effectively. 

Handled with some tenderness, these leads acquired in the form of email sign-ups can turn into your customers. Here are some tips to help you through it:

1. Strategically place Email opt-in forms on your Website

While you are adding the subscription form, the most essential factor is it shouldn’t seem to force subscription up on the customer. The best method is to blend it in with a checkbox so that visitors don’t find it too complicated to use. 

The comments or the review section on a majority of e-commerce sites require visitors to log in if they want to post a comment. The primary purpose of this technique is to prevent spamming. However, you can put it to dual-use by adding a checkbox to subscribe to the newsletter. 

Other areas where you can put these forms are a header, footer, and a pop-up. These opt-in forms can also be placed in more than one spot; all you need to do is try to make it as less obvious as you can. 

2. Offer exclusive discounts and content

You must ask yourself why one should subscribe to your newsletter? If the content that you are sharing isn’t engaging, there are high chances that visitors will unsubscribe. The newsletter that you are sharing should be unique and entertaining. 

While designing the email content, make sure it’s compelling enough for the subscribers to share it within their circle. To add more value to this subscription, you can always roll out some giveaway or offer, especially for the subscribers.  

Offer exclusive discounts and content - is also a surefire way to grow your email list
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Also, you can offer a discount on the first purchase if the visitor is subscribing to the newsletter. This personalized experience will lead to an increase in sales and improve customer retention as well. This infographic by Pack & Send points to the fact that over 44 percent consumers are likely to become return customers after a personalized shopping experience.  

Yes, the quality of the content will matter a lot, but you must also not miss consistency. To develop an effective content strategy that drives engagement organically, you must consider gathering all the required  knowledge through ethical SEO consulting.

3. Use exit-intent popups

In the world full of phishing attacks, a visitor might hesitate to give you all the details. It is highly crucial to convey the right intent of the information that you are gathering. 

What you can do is enable the exit-intent pop-ups. It will mean that through pointer tracking, you will be able to know when the visitor is about to leave, then give them a pop-up to subscribe in case they want any update in the future. 

Try to create an eye-appealing graphic design of the pop-up through which the visitors can connect with the content that you are offering in your newsletter.  

4. Create interactive content

According to Mailerlite, interactive content was the biggest trend in terms of email marketing for the year 2019. It is the content where the visitor will need to enter some basic personal info and the page will give them a personalized result. Not only  is it  a great way  of  offering a bit of a personalized experience, but it will also keep the visitor/subscriber engaged. A study by Antavo revealed that 80 percent of visitors like receiving emails with product recommendations based on their previous purchases.

It will not be a very effective idea to add CTA buttons where the email will divert them to another page. You must make it interactive so that the subscriber can become familiar with the brand, directly. The best way to get better interaction is to add a feedback/survey button. 

Wrapping it up

There is no doubt that a unique newsletter will fetch you some serious readership. And if you are running an e-commerce platform, expanding your email list is one of the most crucial ways to increase sales. 

It will not only give you a space to offer your loyal customers some amazing discounts, but will also allow you to introduce them to your new products.

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