Does Web Design really matter? Role of Websites in a Competitive World

One of the essential aspects of a brand, especially for a business that is starting out and seeking greener pastures, is the web design. This can be the thing that pulls you under your competition or pushes you above it.

The design is important because it serves as a reflection of how your brand does business and how your potential and existing customers perceive you. This is crucial in terms of websites that are new and acts as the first point of contact for a growing number of brands and businesses.

First Impressions

Making a bad impression means that you risk losing a conversion while making a good one can lead to gaining a customer. A great impression can possibly gain and retain a customer for life. It all ultimately begins with design and how your visual content and text is presented as well as the user experience.

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Good Web Design

Asking some designers to define the features of a good web design may result in a variety of responses. However, looking keenly at well-designed materials, services and products often reveal parallels and similarities between many of them.

This is because properly designed things are generally based on the principals of web design when it comes to beautiful and useful products that give consumers enjoyment and satisfaction when they use them.

Principles of Web Design

While there are various approaches and thoughts about web design in the industry, a good place to begin when thinking about designing something that is important to you is the basics of what a website should have. Visit design agency Kent here.


Consider the purpose that your website serves and whether this purpose is instantly clear when readers land on the homepage of your website.


Your website should be effective enough to clarify the value that visitors will get from your services and products. The benefits of what you are offering should be clear.


The aesthetic features of any product are an integral component of how useful they are since products are used regularly and have an impact on people’s lives. It should be clear for the reader to be able to navigate through sections of your website. The design of a website should make it easier for users to read and absorb content as well as enjoy it.

Unnecessary clutter can distract potential clients and draw attention away from your site’s main purpose. Images and other forms of media should be used effectively and when appropriate. The typography and font should reflect the level of professionalism that you want your business to project.

The significance of the Home Page

Your home page is the first thing that people see when they go to your website after typing in your address. It is also the first page that they are likely to land on after clicking on a link from the search page result that directs them to your site. It makes sense to make sure that you catch the attention of visitors and keep them on your site for as long as possible by giving them value in exchange for the time that they spend there.

Think of the Significant User Journey

With the dramatic advancement and development in the present-day digital world where users can access to information easily at their fingertips, it is important for you to provide them with the right answers within less time while ensuring optimum convenience. Keeping this in deliberation, if you were Google, you would want to reward sites and pages that offer their users with both high-quality content and convenient access to the information. The ranking factors are highly determined by the relevancy and authority of your website, Google itself utilizes over 200 signals to rate the search results, and SEO is the perfect way to influence these signals. Your SEO campaign, therefore, should ensure that your site is easily accessible, technically sound, equipped with phrases and words that users typically type in the search input along with premium quality content to satisfy their queries.

With that being said, here are some of the factors that you need to think of from Google’s perspective and craft your upcoming SEO tactics accordingly:


Being a trustworthy source of information on the web is probably the greatest accomplishment that you can achieve and secure the best position on Google’s SERP listings. Google administers and confers a check on the trustworthiness of your webpage and the other sites that mention your page. Moreover, Google also determines that whether your website is a new set up or has been there for a while. This is done by the algorithms launched by Google that checks the server that hosts your site and the legitimacy of the sites and pages linking back to your and mentioning your work on their channel.

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