5 Steps to Crafting Better Digital Marketing Campaigns

A digital marketing campaign is both easy and difficult to execute. It is easy to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign when you know all the instruments and components to use. At the same time, it is difficult to plan and execute campaigns in which all of those instruments work together to achieve common goals. Executing a well-planned campaign, however, is clearly easier than a poorly planned one.  

To craft better digital marketing campaigns, there are a few ingredients that you need. A good understanding of your campaign objectives, sufficient knowledge on how to use different digital marketing instruments together and focus on a specific target market are among the few things you need to get started. To make sure all the basics are covered, here are the five steps you need to follow to craft better digital marketing campaigns.

Well-Defined Goals

Goals are the first set of things to focus on when formulating a digital marketing campaign. For a digital marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to achieve a specific set of goals; this means you have to be very specific with the goals – and Key Performance Indicators or KPIs – that you want to achieve from the beginning.

Setting goals isn’t as difficult as it seems. Since we are talking about digital marketing campaigns specifically, there are several goals that you can aim for. Brand awareness, user engagement, lead generation, and even follower gain are among the objectives you can aim for with your digital marketing activities.

Knowing which goals that you want to achieve will dictate the rest of the campaign. When the goal is lead generation, for instance, you will learn more heavily on lead-generating instruments such as email marketing and remarketing. For brand awareness, social media and social advertising are usually the instruments to use.

Understanding of the Target Market

With specific goals in mind, it is time to take a look at the second component: your target market. The target audience you want to reach also dictates the rest of the campaign. You cannot expect to win over teens and younger audience groups with content designed for older segments. Everything about the campaign needs to be tailored to the audience segment.

The same is true with the instruments you use. Facebook is effective when used to reach older audience groups, while Instagram is more suitable for reaching younger audience segments. LinkedIn requires a more professional tone since the majority of its users are professionals, but you can be candid on Twitter if you want to reach a larger market segment.

Can you see how these details affect the rest of the campaign? The more you know about your target market, the more tailored your digital marketing campaign will be. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile and fully research your ideal customer – the primary audience segment – in order to get a better understanding of how the rest of the campaign should be crafted.

Predetermined Budget

Before moving forward with planning and executing a digital marketing campaign, it is also a good idea to define a budget for the entire set of activities. Having a clear budget in mind before you start gives you a huge advantage. You can plan the rest of the campaign based on the amount of money you can actually afford to spend.

A predetermined budget, just like clear objectives and a good understanding of the target market, also helps with instrument selection as well as other details about the campaign. If you only have a limited amount of money to spend, you have the option to invest more time and energy into making the digital marketing campaign as effective as it can be.

After all, digital marketing is all about finding a balance between spending time, energy, and money. If you want to save on your social media posts, for instance, you can always choose to produce your own content or handle social media analysis in-house rather than using third-party service providers for the job. You get to execute the campaign without breaking your marketing budget.

Good Project Management

As mentioned before, there are a lot of components in a digital marketing campaign; some say that there are too many. This is exactly why executing a digital marketing campaign is a complex undertaking. You have to make sure that every part of the campaign gets executed properly – and at the right moment – to produce the biggest impact.

Good project management is essential to the success of every digital marketing campaign. Integrating a capable agile project management tool like Kanbanize is highly recommended since it makes managing multiple activities and tasks simpler. In fact, many digital marketing campaigns start to incorporate agile methods and Kanbanize is the perfect tool for the job.

Aside from allowing you to manage tasks meticulously, Kanbanize also allows you to gain a better view of the campaign as a whole. The Kanban board approach is designed to make tasks more visual on the board, so you can always tell how each task is being completed and how far along with the campaign you really are as an organization.

Capable Team

The last piece of the puzzle is a capable digital marketing team. No matter how simple your digital marketing campaign appears to be, you still need a group of people to execute every task correctly. That brings us back to the time-energy-money equation. You can choose to do everything in-house or outsource parts – or even all – of your campaign accordingly.

At the very least, however, you need a handful of people capable of managing the campaign. No matter how good the campaign is, the impact it produces depends on those who execute the digital marketing plan. Ideally, you want a small digital marketing team and a group of freelancers or contractors helping with the day-to-day tasks of the campaign execution.

Go through these preparations and steps to craft an impactful digital marketing campaign for your brand. A well-crafted campaign, executed properly by a team of experienced marketers, will not only get you to your campaign goals but also beyond in terms of brand awareness and campaign impact.

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