6 Tips for Creating and Managing a Successful Email Campaign

The rise of social media advertising has put a shadow on many other marketing campaigns including e-mail marketing. However, the effectiveness of the e-mail campaign shouldn’t be forgotten since it is still one of the main advertisement tools.

The competition in the e-mail marketing segment is high since it is the base of advertising for most companies. That is why you need to stand out.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on marketers because you can easily do it yourself. Just by following these 6 tips your e-mail campaign can reach its full potential.

1. Distribute the Information

How will you implement the information in the e-mail is one of the key parts. You need to know which step should be taken with each part of the e-mail.

While you’re crafting the e-mail you really need to get inside the customer’s head so that it doesn’t get instantly deleted. Here is a little tip how to break down the information part by part:

  1. Subject: Tease their imagination and get them to want to know more about it
  2. Subhead: Peak their curiosity by adding some relevant information
  3. Header: Turn the curiosity into interest
  4. Body: Emphasize what do you have to offer and get straight to the point
  5. CTA (Call to action): Get them to where you wanted

2. Create a Compelling Call to Action

This part is actually the reason you are starting your e-mail campaign in the first place so it definitely deserves more attention.

You need to have a clear and concise CTA to move the receiver down the tunnel because without that the customers won’t know what is their next step.

If you are having trouble with word choice you can always search for assistance among the experts such as writers who offer professional paper writing services.

Here are some strategies that marketers use in order to deliver a compelling CTA:

  • High visibility
  • Short in length
  • Good design
  • Actionable text
  • Clear benefits

3. Build Your Subscriber List

It doesn’t matter if you already got a long list of recipients, you should just keep adding them. The more people get your message, your chances to accomplish the goal is getting higher.

One of the ways to do it is by growing it passively with offers such as a signup option on your website. You can have the subscription form on your home page, blog page, or anywhere else you can find to be convenient. Consult the person who helped you with writing the website page on how should you implement it so that it doesn’t stand out.

Another suggestion is to make a sign-up box that will be pinned on the page and follow the users as they scroll. This won’t be annoying to the users and it will serve as a friendly reminder to add their name to the subscription list.

4. Get Personal

You should definitely consider adding a more personal element to your e-mails. Customers don’t respond well to cold generic messages.

Just simple actions such as addressing the recipient with its name could be a big step. You can use email tools and enter shortcodes that will be replaced with the recipient’s name when the email is sent out.

You can also adjust the content to different portions of your audience. If you work with multiple industries, or you have a diversified target audience, you should send out different and customized e-mails which will provide the information that is important to that specific industry or target group.

5. Make Mobile Friendly E-mails

We are all aware of the people’s attachment to their mobile phones. They are the first thing they grab in the morning and the last thing they take a look at before they get in the bed.

You should take advantage of this, and optimize your e-mails for viewing on their phones. Besides mobile phones, the e-mails should be adapted to tablets as well since these handy gadgets have become the basic part of our tech collections.

Just by incorporating simple changes so that the users can have a clear view of your message on their devices will provide you with a notable number of extra clicks.

6. Don’t Get Too Aggressive

One of the most important things that you must be very careful about is not to overwhelm the recipients with an endless number of e-mails. It is crucial that you find the balance between getting their attention and just being annoying.

Carefully schedule your mailing and be careful not to cram their e-mails with your messages. You want to be remembered as a friendly and informative sender, not as the one they can’t get rid of.

Some Final Thoughts

As you can see from the previous examples and tips, the key to great e-mail marketing is to be concise, clear, and to provide value. You need to get your business in their thought and find a subtle way to make that happen.

Now that you have mastered all the basics of a successful e-mail campaign, you can get out there and test your skills. What are you waiting for? Start e-mailing!

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