How To Choose The Right Influencer Marketing Tools For Your Campaign?

From a mere online marketing strategy to a $5-10 billion dollar industry, influencer marketing has come a long way since its inception. With over 500,000 active influencers on Instagram alone, this industry is definitely booming. 89% of marketers have confirmed that the ROI generated from influencer marketing is way better than other marketing channels.  

You can make the most of your influencer marketing campaigns if you pick the right tool for your business. Now choosing a suitable influencer marketing tool is not as easy as choosing an assignment problem solver or learning how to write a bibliography. One wrong decision can rip your entire influencer marketing campaign apart. 

So here is a list of questions you must ask yourself to choose the right tool for your campaign. Remember, the tool you choose should be able to drive traffic and engagement to your campaigns. 

What are my influencer marketing goals?

What are my influencer marketing goals?

Every influencer marketing tool consists of strengths and weaknesses. You need to pick the one that can cater to your influencer marketing goals. Therefore, you need to start by getting clarity on your marketing goals and priorities rather than jumping straight into research. 

You don’t have to look at every influencer marketing tool. Rather, you need to focus on finding the right one for your campaign. Know your goals first by outlining what you want to achieve out of your influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing goals usually include the following: 

Brand awareness

 You may want more people to recognize, know and trust your brand through influencers on a variety of platforms. Whether you are new in the market or you have introduced a new product, creating brand awareness is a must. 

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Pick a tool that helps you focus on views, impressions, and engagement generated from your influencer marketing campaigns. Make sure the tool that you choose is able to drive maximum market saturation to your products or services. 


Many marketers focus on attracting more likes, shares, and comments on their online content. It is also crucial for marketers to engage with highly-trusted influencers who can endorse your products better than anybody else. 90% of marketers believe that engagement is the most important performance indicator of an influencer marketing campaign.

An ideal tool for this type of goal should be able to track the engagement rate of your campaign. It is even better if you could track every single post by an influencer for your brand and evaluate its engagement rate through the tool. 


Generating sales is one of the most common goals of influencer marketing. From affiliate marketing, discount codes to flash sales and special promotions, there is a slew of strategies that can help you generate sales from your marketing campaigns. But, how would you know if those strategies are actually working out or not? That is when the role of influencer marketing tools comes into play. 

If generating sales is your primary goal, choose a tool that will highlight the outcomes of your marketing campaigns. Say you have introduced complimentary vouchers for your consumers. The right tool should be able to show if the vouchers are driving enough sales and revenue to your business. 

Best tools to cater to your influencer marketing goals

No matter what your influencer marketing goal is, make sure your tools have the potential to help you achieve them. All influencer marketing tools excel at specific things. Identify your marketing goals and pick the right one for your job. 

What are the features I am looking for?

What are the features I am looking for?

There are tons of influencer marketing tools out there on the internet and each consists of special features. You need to sort out the tools depending on the functions you want them to perform.  You already know what your goal is. Now focus on the features that will help you achieve those goals. Prepare a list of the features that you want your influencer marketing tools to have. Choose the tools that consist of most of the features if not all of them. 

The features will make it easier for you to choose a perfect tool for your influencer marketing campaign. Not all tools are alike. You must select the one that has the potential to provide you with the data you are looking for. Here’s a list of the must-have features in influencer marketing tools. 

Social networks

An influencer marketing tool should be able to share your social media posts on various networks. Make sure your tool lets you share your posts automatically on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Scheduling posts

The main motive of using influencer marketing tools is to get stressful things done easily and in a short span of time. Therefore, pick a tool that lets you schedule your posts at your convenience. The tool can then post the content according to your instructions. 


What kind of analytics do you need to keep track of your influencer marketing campaigns? Which metrics will help you measure the performance of your campaigns? Choose a tool that provides an in-depth performance report of your marketing strategies. 

Influencer collaboration tools

Collaboration with influencers leads to strong and long-term relationships, which consist of a lot of potentials. Not all tools offer this feature. So take your time to find the one that facilitates collaboration. After all, collaboration with the right influencers leads to possibilities of joint ventures, live events, etc. 

Engagement rate

Engagement rate is one of the most sought-after features in influencer marketing tools. Whether you want to interact with your target audience or you want to respond to frequent social conversations, make sure your tool caters to all your requirements. 

What are the best feature-rich influencer marketing tools?

These are the most important features that constitute a perfect influencer marketing tool.  You may have other features in mind too depending on your goal. Get hold of those tools that have most of the features and can make your work easier. 

What kind of influencers will I find on the tool?

What kind of right influencers will I find on the tool?

Identifying the perfect influencers is one of the most important and complicated steps in influencer marketing. But, the right tool can make this task 10X easier for you. There are approximately six types of influencers and each serves a unique purpose. An ideal influencer marketing tool should be able to identify the right influencers for you in your niche of business. 

There are certain tools that specialize entirely on influencer’s content amplification and third-party analytics about influencers. Identify the kind of influencers you want for your campaigns and pick the tool that promises to help you connect with them. 

What are the different types of influencers available across different platforms?

Recent studies show that there are over half a million active influencers on Instagram alone. Determine the type of influencer for your business on the basis of your target audience and marketing goals. The most common types of influencers used in influencer marketing campaigns are

Bloggers and vloggers

Bloggers use a dedicated blog to promote products or services. Take Neil Patel for example. He regularly shares his knowledge in the field of online marketing through his own blog. Vloggers use videos to promote or endorse certain products. 

Social media sensations

Social media stars tend to share glimpses of their regular lives and build a strong rapport with their followers. These people have garnered popularity solely through their social media profiles. 

Reality TV stars

Lauren Bushnell, a contestant of The Bachelor, an American reality show, partnered with FabFitFun to endorse their spring collection. You can also ask reality TV stars with a great number of followers to promote your products or services. 

These are the most common types of influencers who are gaining popularity in this field. You may get confused with so many options out there. In that case, choose the tools that can help you discover the best influencers for your niche of business. 

What are the best tools for discovering influencers?

Use any of these tools to find the right influencers best suited for your influencer marketing campaigns. You can talk to a social media marketing agency and get hold of influencers. But, it would be much more cost-effective if you use an influencer marketing tool for the same task. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right influencer marketing tool is no easy feat. However, the steps discussed above can help you make a wise decision easily. Download the tools you want and nail your influencer marketing campaigns like a pro. 

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