Why Sales Pitches Are a Thing of the Past

Remember the good old days when you would have an obnoxious door-to-door salesman obtrusively knocking on your door to sell you the best kitchenware you could ever purchase?

Of course you do. Just when you think you erased that man from your memory, there he goes again. But this time, as an example of what sales pitches looked like before the glory days of Internet.

Entrepreneurs of a modern age mainly use online marketing strategies to sell their kitchenware. Albeit this approach made it easier in terms of saving physical energy, online merchants struggle in other aspects of promotion. They may have a top-notch product with sales that can hardly cover the costs of maintaining the business.


Because they probably use the in-your-face advertising methods like the gentlemen who did that thirty years ago. Except they now practice it in virtual places.

Why is that bad?

It doesn’t have to be bad. Hard-selling pitches are sometimes a good thing. If you genuinely think your product is incredible, and that it will have a positive impact on your customers’ lives, go ahead, sell it hard!

Just don’t deceive people along the way. When your aggressive pitches become filled with lies, it is time to thoroughly analyze those working methods.

It is important to realize that marketing is not a one-way street. Nor a cul-de-sac, for that matter. There are a few ways to refine and smooth out advertising mechanisms to the point they no longer look like outright sales pitches.

Why Sales Pitches Are a Thing of the Past

Stop selling for the sale’s sake.

The first thing to concentrate on is learning that a sale shouldn’t be understood as a necessary evil. Yes, it can be a nightmare. A bad entrepreneur’s nightmare.  Selling for the sale’s sake and not focusing on customer’s needs and desires leads to a failed business.

Show knowledge.

Advertising online also comes with some obstacles. Customers are constantly bombarded with tons of new facts and they’ve become more demanding. Promotion means little to them and you need to show that not only you care for them, but also you want to arm them with quality information. Giving out knowledgeable resources on your website means you’re ready to connect to your potential buyers on a more private level.

Why does personalization matter?

Achieving the private level can be tricky. It’s done by personalization. What does that mean?

It means your advertising strategy should tackle customers’ emotions with proving them the product you offer is designed exactly for their needs. Why does it matter?

It matters because people are most comfortable when they have a full control over their decisions and they recognize the worth of something tailored to suit them.

Simplify your job.

When you finally get to a point where the creativity lost its tracks in the personalization sphere, comes the part of actually selling the product. Luckily, modern day and age gave us plenty of help to choose from. The help comes in form of eCommerce platforms like payever or Volusion.

Why Sales Pitches Are a Thing of the Past

Those are essentially entrepreneur’s online stores that enable you to set up the items for sale and make the purchasing process without writing a myriad of lines of code. Which you probably don’t know. Because you’re not a programming expert.

Why sales pitches should stay in the past?

Selling makes up a big part of your business and business cannot survive without it. Implementing new tactics and actually caring about your customers means fruitful labor. Don’t try acting like the obnoxious salesman from the beginning of the article because sales pitches are not a thing anymore.

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