Content Marketing Strategy Tips for This Year

Content marketing evolves with every passing year so the strategy you used in the last year, will need to be adapted to the trends of this year. And you better start as soon as possible because, in the competitive world of today, the ones who get onto the latest trends early are the winners.

Make your content a journey

Zari Venhaus, who is an expert on corporate marketing communications, says that in 2020 marketers should revise their content to make sure that it can effectively lead the audience through the full customer journey. This means that the content you create must help prospects travel through every stage of the funnel right to conversion.

From the content creation point of view this means that instead of creating individual pieces that address different issues on different levels of the funnel, you need to string them together. Tie them into wholesome stories that logically progress from one point to the next. Most importantly, they need to be captivating enough to make the audience want to follow to the next step.

Reach out to communities

Chris Cantell teaches how to make money online and according to him, reaching out to people engaged in relevant social media communities is a great way to build up your audience. However, the catch is that you need to develop content specifically targeted toward these communities.

To do this you should first find social media groups and communities popular with your target audience and join them. Take your time studying them and joining various debates. Use them for inspiration when creating your content. And you can use the same communities to share it right away. If you choose the right kind of topic, you should be able to generate immediate response and engagement.

However, this kind of content creation is highly-dynamic as trending topics might change within hours, let alone days. In order to benefit from this to the maximum, you need to have a team of highly-qualified copywriters who will be able to create top-quality content on short notice.

Optimize for voice search

Voice search grows in popularity, so it’s imperative that you develop content optimized for this particular feature by default. And it’s no less important for you to understand that this kind of optimization is very different from regular search SEO, says Adam Binder of Creative Click Media. He explains that unlike typed queries, voice commands usually have a conversational tone.

This means where optimizing for regular search would use keywords like “best plumber Manhattan”, a query for voice search should be along the lines of “what is the best plumber in Manhattan?” or even “where can I find a good plumber in Manhattan?”

Longtail keywords that are included in sentences that sound like a part of natural conversations are what you should aim at when optimizing content for voice search. Also, be sure to include many questions as this is the most common type of query people use with voice commands. Remember that this kind of search is based on conversations, so your content must provide logical answers to common questions a person interested in it would ask.

At the moment, the voice search feature is rather limited, which makes it easier for you to optimize for it. You should focus on optimizing metadata. Sub-headers, in particular, require a lot of attention to this type of SEO.

Quality above all

The most important content marketing trend to follow in this year is to increase the quality of your content. Even if it comes at the price of reducing the quantity, you need to prioritize producing excellent content that will impress your audience and have them returning for more.

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