How Commercial Drones Are Changing the Business World

Drones have become incredibly popular for recreational use, but we are now seeing how they can benefit the world from a commercial standpoint. With many industries already utilizing drones, it’s clear that they’re here to stay.

The rise of drone popularity has been difficult to ignore — almost impossible, actually. While many people think of drones as a hobbyist and recreational device, in reality, they are quickly becoming a vital piece of modern technology for commercial purposes.

They’re already being put to use in a wide range of industries; even huge companies such as

They’re already being put to use in a wide range of industries; even huge companies such as Amazon are making big steps to make drones a part of their service.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the industries that have adopted drone use and how they’re taking the business world to new heights.


Drones in the Media

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The use of drones across various media platforms is arguably where they have seen the most success and exposure. A drone fitted with a camera has become a revolutionary tool for both amateurs and professionals in the media world.

Films and television have taken note of the benefits drones provide, allowing them to incorporate camera angles that were previously impossible to attain.

Another great example of drone use is in nature documentaries, where they enable us to see the world from angles and views that would have previously been difficult to achieve.

BBC’s fantastic show Planet Earth II featured an abundance of absolutely stunning drone footage and is definitely a high point for drone use in the media.



Dronem nad stadionem Widzewa e1503661853206 760x414 How Commercial Drones Are Changing the Business WorldDrones in construction is a brilliant example of the newest technologies being used to advance one of the oldest industries in the world. The use of drones allows companies to carry out in-depth structural inspections and quickly acquire information and data from large sites, as well as the ability to survey areas accurately and cheaply.

All the while, drones are refining health and safety and overall efficiency, in construction, eradicating tasks that may’ve been too difficult or dangerous for a human.

The widespread use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in construction will also affect the workforce. More specifically, it will impact how many people will be required to be on-site throughout a build. With devices that fly all around the site — collecting data and monitoring every single aspect of construction — it means that non-essential staff to the building process (upper management, investors, etc.) will no longer have to step foot on site to stay in the loop.



Drone surveillance helps search and rescue in Nepal 16691214064 760x507 How Commercial Drones Are Changing the Business WorldTechnology plays a vital role in the success and maintenance of modern-day security. For a long time, CCTV has been the most effective deterrent and surveillance tool available, but now drones offer something much more advanced to revolutionize security as we know it.

With security drones in operation, we can monitor large areas efficiently, as well as track and respond to incidents in real time.

Rather than only using CCTV footage for evidence purposes, the ever-watching nature of security drones is a massive deterrent compared to conventional surveillance techniques.

This makes it the perfect device to prevent crime, as well as provide the necessary footage for prosecution.  

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Retail & Delivery

456767303 1280x720 760x428 How Commercial Drones Are Changing the Business WorldAlthough many of the commercial uses for drones focus on photography and video, major steps are being made in the production of delivery drones.

This is helped massively by the fact that the company leading the drone delivery charge is Amazon, which stands to change the online retail world with its Amazon Prime Air service.

Although air delivery by drone isn’t in full flight yet, it’s a service that will come into play relatively soon. As this concept continues to progress and become more accessible to other retailers, it will be interesting to see if small businesses can eventually embrace it.

Not only will this mean massive changes to the business world, but impatient customers will be blessed with same-day delivery if they’re prepared to pay extra for it.


The Rise of Professional Drone Pilots

The introduction of drones into the business world has clearly had a significant effect on many industries, but the biggest impact has been on the drone industry itself.

The increased interest and need for drones has made the role of professional drone pilot a very popular and sought-after career path.

Anyone with aspirations of becoming a drone pilot will need the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. Drone training and drone flying lessons will be a huge benefit to achieve this.

You’ll also need to consider any drone laws or upcoming legislation (the UK will be experiencing this soon), because it means that you’ll need drone qualifications and to have registered your device before you can legally take to the skies.

– Article by Matt Lee of Uplift Drone Training.

Image credits: Wikimedia Creative Commons

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