How is NASA Using AI to Understand & Detect Failures of the Universe?

We all must have heard the word “Artificial Intelligence” somewhere before in this rapidly growing technological world. So, according to computer science, artificial intelligence is sometimes called machine intelligence established by different machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans’ skill set.

According to NASA scientists, the machines are becoming capable of doing any sort of work and humans are becoming lazy at the same time. Artificial Intelligence was first introduced back in 1956 by the scientists of America and since then, AI has experienced several changes from having thought of not doing anything to have thought of doing anything.

The solar storm is the next thing on which NASA scientists are working with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It is a flash of increased brightness on the sun, observed near the Earth’s surface due to which the layer ozone is depleting. Electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun and other celestial bodies fill space with a voice that can disturb certain frequencies. This can be easily handled by a technology called “Artificial Intelligence”.

According to Graham Mackintosh (AI consultant for NASA and the SETI Institute)

Some people refer to the potential of a major solar storm. Being a trillion-dollar storm, the impact of power grids on our satellite fleets is so substantial. This is where a lot of these new technologies like AI come into play to help.

What typically happened in the past is, NASA tried his hands around, what these solar events might be and how they impact our solar system? 

This is sort of where this renaissance of AI is coming from and the computing power has been increased with the help of Moore’s law. It is just driving up the power and suddenly giving access to way more data to detect the failures of the universe. It is just that NASA does want to inject its understanding in the field of the solar storm with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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Examples of AI Technology That Can Help NASA Understand the Universe Better

1) Machine Vision

Machine vision is the process of analyzing all the visual information with the help of different HD cameras. Machine vision is usually compared to the eye-sight of the normal human. But human eyes can never see through the walls, but if you talk about machine vision, it can see through the walls. This technology is so helpful for NASA as it can use this to see the surface areas of the moon and other planets and even you can see through it as well.

2) Robotics

According to the Ph.D. scholars who have researched in the field of engineering, focus on the design and manufacturing of robots. They usually suggest the students buy assignments online through professionals who can help them in stating their experience in the field of AI. Tasks that are difficult and time-consuming are performed more efficiently and effectively with the help of robots who are developed by the implications of Artificial Intelligence. NASA is getting immense help from Artificial Intelligence to build robots and move objects and things which are heavy in physical nature.

3) Machine Learning

According to the profoundly knowledgeable scientists, every computer understands the binary language and can run on the programming language. These days everything is learned through machines, even the calculation of basic maths is also done with the help of a machine called calculator. The world can’t even imagine survival without machines.

There are 3 algorithms to facilitate machine learning

  • Supervised Algorithm 
  • Unsupervised Algorithm
  • Reinforcement Algorithm

4) Self Driving Cars

We all must have heard the name Tesla, Elon Musk gave a shot in self-driving cars with the help of ‘Artificial Intelligence’. These days the students are also graduating in the stream of AI which is certainly the most popular. Through Artificial Intelligence image recognition NASA is certainly developing cars and other vehicles that can run on roads without having a driver or we can say cars with self-driven mode. Learning all these skills results in landing desired jobs for many of the students immediately after graduation.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial intelligence applications have made their way into several learning and professional areas.

1) In Education

According to many professionals, Artificial Intelligence is facilitating many of the teachers and professors in giving digital grading to the students. Through AI, the learning process is also getting boosted as students are getting new tricks and techniques to learn and understand the subjects easily. This is helping them in scoring high grades among other students at the university.

2) In Law

After stepping its foot in the field of education, now AI is in law as well. Artificial Intelligence has now become popular in the legal industry. According to the law professors in the coming years, the robots will take the place of the lawyers and will be going to discuss the cases in the courtroom. But, if we talk about the current scenario, the technology of artificial intelligence is somewhat weak in the field of law.

3) In Manufacturing

According to many professionals, students need to understand that manufacturing is the area where Artificial Intelligence is mostly required. To build robots with the help of Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing unit requires in-depth knowledge and information regarding AI topics. However, there is a limit that humans can never go beyond as far as the work is a concern. But, if we talk about robots, they can work with no limits.

Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

According to the survey conducted in the past year that is 2018, the UN conference has published a report regarding Artificial Intelligence that there are still many patents are remaining which are waiting to get registered. Despite these potential difficulties, few regulations are governing the use of AI tools and where laws do exist and this is what helping NASA as an organization to work on detecting the failures of the universe in a better way.


According to NASA scientists, someday the astronauts and robots will be getting the highest facilities with the help of AI. It has a very wide scope in many fields like education, manufacturing, production, etc. NASA scientists also say that with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the world can save trillion dollars money and effort, which can be used somewhere else.

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