Dedicated Servers – How it Works and Why it is Better than Cloud and Virtual Private Server?

Dedicated Server Hosting simply put is when one uses a single server and does not require sharing it with others. One person will control it entirely, and they can select to customize their server according to their needs and the requirements of their domain. Although it is expensive one can enjoy different options and multiple features which are worth the investment. When a lot of people visit a site within a brief time, this server will be an ideal pick.

How does it work?

When computers were introduced in the market, it was huge and bulky in size and then with advancements in technology came the small rendition. Dedicated Servers are big with physical existence. Akin to other PC, these servers, too, have hard drives, microprocessors, RAM amid others. When a PC is created for managing massive data, it is called a server or if you use one such PC which works for a website exclusively.

Two Primary Parts

The dedicated hosting servers have two primary parts namely,

  • Unmanaged- This will be controlled exclusively by one person, so maintenance too is under his control.
  • Managed- Here one can hire the services of another agency which along will maintaining the server will ensure that the same run smoothly. It is known as a managed server. Here the person needs to send the company the information. A managed dedicated server generally offers features such as 24/7 monitoring, 24/7 help desk, DLL files, updating kernels, filtering spams, scanning for malware and viruses and operating system updating.

Discover the Real Perks of Using a Dedicated Server Hosting

Take a look at the real perks of using this server,

  • Performance- This server is capable of handling a lot of information as and when needed. Hence one can rely on this server when it comes to performance. The best part even during heavy traffic it will not show any glitches.
  • Reliable- A key reason why people choose this server is due to its reliability. Here the user being the server’s chief will be capable of controlling the minimum downtime as well as the upgrades and changes needed. They can also predict the repair and maintenance cost and plan for the same beforehand to avoid spending unnecessarily.
  • Control– Regardless of the server you select – unmanaged or managed, it is the user that will have absolute control over it. They can change the software to cater to their requirements and also augment the service resting on their prerequisites.
  • Secure– The user being in control of the server can customize the needs according to their requirements. It is a highly secure server. To know more about the benefits of dedicated servers read online blogs and articles.

Why Choose a Dedicated Server Over Others?

Take a look at the different reasons why it is wise to choose a dedicated server over others,

#1. Dedicated Server vs. Cloud Hosting- Ever since cloud hosting was introduced most people moved to it. This server can save enough space because the data gets stored in the cloud. The user can protect their information in the online storage space. They can access information from different devices as well as anywhere by signing in with their account. Different domains will store the data in the cloud that is called cloud hosting. Take a look at the various merits and demerits of using this server

  • Merits – Below are the benefits of using Cloud Hosting,
    • It has several servers which mean if any stops working the other will help to cover up.
    • Here storage extension is easy, and you can increase the capacity according to the requirement.
    • It is less expensive.
  • Demerits – Despite these merits, cloud hosting also has a downside that is it is not trustworthy with regards to security. So dedicated server is a better choice.

#2. Dedicated Server vs. Virtual Private Server- Although this server is akin to a dedicated server, this will cover works only on limited scales. Here the user can create changes only within their limitations. Below are the merits and demerits of using this server.

  • Merits – These are the benefits of using a Virtual Private Server,
    • It is cheaper
    • It can be customized completely to cater to the needs of the user
    • It comes in different packages namely unmanaged, semi-managed and managed
    • It offers good security
  • Demerits – This server again has a demerit that is its distribution resource is unsuitable. Despite the flexibility of using this server to the utmost, the user cannot do it. The Virtual Private Server comes up with issues the moment the user tries in using this server to its maximum capacity.

Tips to Consider

After you have decided to go with a Dedicated Server, there are a couple of tips that the user should take into consideration which will help them in the process,

  • Hardware Quality- Because dedicated servers possess a physical existence, so it is incredibly crucial to invest in good quality hardware to enjoy better service.
  • Replacement- At the time of signing the contract, the user should ensure to put in the clause which makes sure that they can replace the server if any parts fail to function.
  • Uptime- The user should ensure to read the provider’s record of accomplishment and only accept the contract should the uptime be within 99% range.
  • Helpdesk- The provider must always assist whenever the user faces any issue. The server can be unmanaged yet is entitled in getting support. Thus, the user should go through the provider’s support system to know regarding the same in details.
  • Expense- Most importantly the user should learn about the installation charges of this server. The user should understand which features they can reap the benefits of under this price range.

In short dedicated servers will be the right choice for your business. It will assist the user to meet their goals of productivity. The business will be on a winning note always once they invest in a dedicated server hosting guaranteed.

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