Business Marketing in the Virtual Space

The Internet opened new opportunities for various businesses. It modernized business sphere and made it more accessible and easier to administrate.

Today, virtual space is extremely often used for marketing purposes. Companies buy e-space for advertisement. They put press kits and price lists online. They also often propose user guides as website that sells maintenance guides. 

Contemporary Markets

Marketing is not the only advertisement. However, many people perceive it this way. In reality, it relates to all possible operations connected to selling a product or service on the market.

Today there two types of markets:

  • Real
  • Virtual

The sales from the latter one are increasing each day. Businesses even developed virtual organizations, that is, business structures that operate exclusively online, selling their products and services on the web.

Ways To Use E-space For Various Businesses

There are two types of business enterprises. Some of them use the internet as a method to expand. Such companies usually:

  • put an extensive advertisement on the web. They see virtual space as a method to develop powerful corporate image.
  • sell products online. Some sale percentage is allocated for e-space. However, online sales are not easy to administrate.

Another type of companies goes virtually completely. They even do not have a factual business address. All marketing activities, including sales, positioning, advertisement are done online.

For enterprises, it is quite profitable. Virtual companies often do not pay taxes, since E-space is their exclusive field of operations. Very often some companies use diversified business model. For example, in particular, countries they sell products in real shops, while in other countries only virtual shops operate.


How Hard Is It To Execute Business Marketing Activity Online?

Some people think it is extremely easy, but it’s not. There are certain mechanisms and factors that should be taken into consideration when developing business online.

  1. Sales. This marketing function needs very powerful software to operate online. If you sell a product online, you need to develop an online shop. In order to operate it, you also need strong IT support. To power, a website by yourself will not be enough.
  2. Advertisement. Today, digital advertising is very popular and efficient, in most cases. However, if you want e-advertisement to reach the target, you have to use strong analytical tools to assess how efficiently your website operates. That will guarantee you reach your client.
  3. Public relations. PR campaigns are important because they form the corporate image and can add considerable value to it. Online PR is quite hard to organize because public relations is all about persuasion. That can be done in written form as well, obviously.
  4. Formation of company’s brand value. Value of corporate brand directly depends on how successfully the previously mentioned marketing activities have been implemented. On top of that, the corporate brand value can be influenced by public opinion greatly. If at a certain moment the potential audience seems not satisfied by your business activity, you are in trouble. You can hardly prove that your company follows proper practices if you want to use virtual space only.

So, marketing in the virtual world has its limitations, but, with a correct and well-developed approach, the internet can and should be used for the business benefit. The company has to operate in the real and virtual world equally. The only tricky issue here is to find a balance and to distribute business functions respectively. This will determine the success of your business model.

Today, it is not only a product or a service that ensures profitability of the company, it is rather a right managerial approach to specific business. It can be achieved only by testing various business models. Market analysis is also very valuable because it will help you to find the right business approach.

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