14 Simple Ways to Boost SEO on Your WordPress Website

Every web-based company wants to stay ahead in the competition and earn handsome revenues every day. This depends on their site’s ranking in Google & other search engines. The higher the ranking of websites, the more business opportunities they are likely to get.

A website with a low SEO ranking is worthless for its owner as it fails to attract a sufficient audience and business opportunities. Every day, SEO professionals all over the world try to promote the ranking of websites on the web. But, only a few of them get the desired success. So, what are the effective ways to enhance the visibility of WordPress websites on the web?

Let’s contemplate some effective measures and practices detailed here below:

1. Perform Some Homework for Website Optimization

Website optimization is a serious undertaking. It’s not a child’s play at all. Many SEO professionals start posting content on the site they are told to optimize. They never perform the basic homework before website optimization. Here is a list of some useful work you must do before launching SEO campaigns:

Homework Before Website optimization

  • Check website readiness for SEO: There is no benefit of optimizing a website that is not SEO-friendly. So, wherever you are told to optimize a website, check whether it is SEO-ready or not. How a look at its design, loading speed, the availability of important web pages, responsiveness to mobile devices, cross-browser compatibility, etc. An SEO-ready WordPress website is easier to optimize and promote on the web. Ask the website developer to do the troubleshooting job if you find any problem with the website.
  • Pick SEO Tools: Choose some excellent SEO tools to streamline your digital marketing campaigns and increase your productivity up to a great extent.
  • Market Research & competitor analysis: In simple words, Market Research & competitor analysis is an important exercise done by SEO professionals to understand what’s going on in the business market, what the existing companies are doing to attract customers and sell products/services to them, and what else you can do to attract new customers. Perform Market Research & competitor analysis carefully to know the current business trends, strong and weak points of your competitors, and create a definite plan for website promotion & acquisition of more business opportunities.
  • Keyword Research: In simple words, keyword research is a process to explore useful keywords that help people find your website or business on the web and deal with your brand. Based on your needs, you can pick better keywords for SEO.
  • Content Arrangement: To optimize websites, you need an uninterrupted supply of high-quality content every day. You should make a proper content marketing plan and ensure the delivery of content to SEO professionals.
  • A suitable hosting: A performance hosting is one of the most crucial parts that every website needs but most of the time it was not given enough attention. Here is a collection of some of the best ones in Australia.

2. Publish Useful Articles on Your Website Regularly

All search engines aim to provide the latest, up-to-date, and beneficial information to the internet audience. When a user performs a search, Google extracts the matching results from its server and presents them to him/her. It uses several parameters to search and rank websites or web pages.

So, the more your website is updated, the more there are chances that it will rank in the top search results of all major search engines. So, update your website regularly with fresh content keeping its technical aspects in mind. Your website or its pages will automatically rank well with important keywords under your niche.

3. Intensify SMO Activities

These days, search engines use social signals to evaluate the effectiveness of countless web resources. It is because social signals, such as likes, shares, reposting, traffic, etc, are the reflection of the human reaction to the information submitted to the targeted audience.

So, a website with strong social signals can rank well compared to a site that lacks social media presence. So, you need to intensify your social media activities as far as possible to get additional traffic and business opportunities. Share your site’s content on different social media channels and social groups to increase its ranking on the web.

4. Email Marketing

Almost all companies send newsletters (business Emails) to customers. But, 98% of all emails go unnoticed. Some newsletters land in the SPAM list of Email service providers. There are several obvious advantages of Email marketing: low support costs, personal communication with the targeted audience, and the creation of more business opportunities. So, segment your customers based on their buying intent, interest, location, etc, create personalized newsletters in a user-friendly format and start sending them to the audience. This will generate steady traffic to your website & improve its ranking on the web.

5. Use RSS feed To Get Additional Traffic

RSS is a technology that allows subscribers to easily get useful information a single feed. Companies send alerts, digests, announcements of events, etc, to their customers through RSS feeds. You can also use RSS feeds to get organic traffic from different search engines, get inbound links, and form a loyal core of subscribers.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the publication of articles on someone else’s site with a link to the author’s website. It is a reliable & advanced method to get quality backlinks to your website and obtain additional traffic & business opportunities. Successful Guest Blogging efforts help your website to resist changes in search engine algorithms and appear in top search results.

You must know that search engines track the behavioral factor of users to rank websites or web pages. An increase in readership from outside will have a positive impact on the position of your site in search results as visitors are directed to the site of interest. So, you get high-quality traffic to your website every day.

7. Blogging

An SEO professional can’t give full information about products and services in articles used for website optimization. Many customers want additional information about products and services before making transactions.

So, to meet the needs of such customers, start blogging from day one. Just add a blog to your website and keep providing useful articles to your audience. Regular blogging increases the ranking of your website greatly & brings additional traffic to it.

8. Communicate with Audience Through Q-A Websites

User interaction with a brand matters a lot when you seek a dominant position in the SERPs of all leading search engines. Google gives importance to those websites or web pages with pages users have interacted with a lot. So, as a website optimizer, you have to communicate with the Internet audience on Question-Answer websites and answer their questions as soon as possible.

You can refer to your website or its specific pages to help visitors find the best possible answer to their questions. These activities can increase additional traffic to your website. Always keep in mind that Google displays high-quality answers (given on Yahoo Answers or Quora) in its top search results from time-to-time.

9. Optimize Your Website for Small Search Engines Also

It has been observed that the majority of SEO is crazy about Google. They create and optimize websites as per their guidelines. But they mistakenly neglect the huge business potential of small search engines.

Google updates its search algorithm every now, which affects the ranking of websites. So, there is huge uncertainty in website optimization for Google. Just one major Google update is sufficient to wash away your internet business in a few minutes or hours.

Get rid of the unnecessary love for Google & optimize your website for alternative search engines also. It helps to get additional traffic to your website from different geographical locations of the world and stay in the competition.

10. Submit Comments on Other Website With a link

It is one of the easiest ways to participate in a communication, build-up relationship with a completely new audience, and add them to your brand. You should submit comments on another website/blog and leave a link in the comment section. Other users can use those links to navigate to your website and get additional info about certain products and services.

11. Practice Internal Linking Carefully

Internal linking is a practice in which SEO professionals add one page of a site to another page through a hyperlink. It allows users to get additional information about certain topics and spend more time on websites. It also helps search engines to easily find all pages on your website, index, and show them in results.

12.  Premium SEO Campaigns

The competition for top rankings in major search engines is increasing with each passing day. All SEO professionals try to increase website ranking with different SEO techniques. Sometimes, because of several reasons, all your website optimization proves to be futile. Just perform the troubleshooting work on your website and use premium SEO campaigns. You can place ads on social media websites, search engines, etc. Those platforms show ads on the first page of results and help you get a decent amount of traffic and business opportunities every day.

13. Use Artificial Intelligence in WordPress Website Optimization

All leading search engines process millions of queries daily. Some individuals prefer searching for info, products, services, etc, by using one or several keywords, others introduce whole sentences and full-fledged questions. It makes the search process more difficult. So, you need to use Artificial Intelligence in website optimization to constantly learn and understand the user’s intentions and offer relevant results to them accordingly.

Generally, marketers try to create a portrait of their clients and predict their needs accurately. This can be done easily with the help of independently collected data, their analysis, and building hypotheses, or using special tools. Use the CRM software to collect and store customer data as the accumulated information will help to form a clear idea about each customer and personalize digital marketing campaigns accordingly.

You can also use the chatbot to provide customers with comprehensive information about products and services and help them make transactions one after another. Chatbots communicate with website visitors like a human, never sleep and work without days off. You should use it to build strong customer relationships and ensure the success of SEO campaigns.

14. Analyze and Improve SEO Campaigns

All SEO professionals need to monitor and analyze their SEO campaigns to how their SEO campaigns are going on. It gives them a clue about their strong and weak points and what needs to be done to make further improvements in SEO initiatives. You can use Google Analytics on other similar tools to get instant reports about your SEO campaigns in a few clicks.

Final Words

The ultimate success in WordPress website optimization doesn’t come overnight. You have to perform smart work to meet your targets. Just use the above-described recommendations to boost the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns and increase the SEO ranking of WordPress websites on the web. Best of Luck!

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