Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is the use of Facebook as a platform to promote a product, service or a brand. It is the creating and maintenance of a Facebook account or page, through active usage, to keep in touch with the current customers and to attract new ones.  With over 2.27 billion active monthly users (of which 1.49 billion are daily active users) and the number still growing, Facebook without a doubt is the most prominent social media platform where individuals connect and share online. In addition to being a socialization platform, Facebook is also emerging as a powerhouse in marketing. By the first quarter of 2018, there were over 80 million small and medium-sized business pages, 6 Million among them being active advertisers promoting their products and services on Facebook.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Several factors make Facebook a favorite market tool to many brands including:

  1. Its numerous users – over 2.27 billion monthly active users and worldwide presence
  2. A choice between free & paid marketing. Paid plans are also diverse.
  3. Diverse delivery modes – brands can use text, images, audio, videos or a combination
  4. Ability to link campaigns to blogs, YouTube or a product’s website
  5. Ability to sell directly on the platform from a product’s  Facebook account or page
  6. Less competitive compared to search engine marketing yet effective
  7. Live interaction with the respondent and one can be able to get feedback and answer questions about a product or service and respond to inquiries and critics.
  8. Support from royal customers through likes, reviews, positive feedback, comments, and sharing of the marketing campaigns.
  9. Informal engagement – brands can use hilarious elements such as animations, videos or jokes to market their brand.
  10. Precise targeting – campaigns can be set to target a specific age, location, education level, or interest among other demographic characteristics deductible from Facebook user data.
  11. Compatibility with diverse third-party marketing apps such as contest apps that allows hosting of contests on Facebook.

Now that you know how much you can benefit from marketing your products on Facebook how do you do the marketing?

How to market on Facebook

There are several ways you can promote your brand or a specific product on Facebook, and they include:

  1. Creating a product page and optimizing it – this is the initial step in Facebook marketing.
    Use your brand’s name as the page username since by default the username forms part of the address ( Also clearly and accurately describe your brand on the “About” section using the keywords and languages users might use in search queries.Remember to use the appropriate business category for your page to show up on the Facebook Graph Search.

    Images are key to Facebook marketing and are the first things visitors encounter. Optimize your page images using the most appropriate images for the cover photo and profile picture. The images should be of professional quality.

    The starting point of creating a Page.
    The starting point of creating a Page.


    Step 2: Page and Category input
    Step 2: Page and Category input
    Step 3: Adding a Profile Picture
    Step 3: Adding a Profile Picture

    Step 4: Adding Cover Photo
    Step 4: Adding Cover Photo
  2. Creating and sharing Facebook posts – compose your text posts and in addition use also attractive images, audios, animations, banners, videos and other sorts of info-graphics to capture the attention of your visitors. Ensure the posts are optimized with the keywords and pin the most relevant post at the top of the page.
  3. Inviting people to your page after you are through with setting up the page. Invite your Facebook friends to like and follow your page and request them to extend the invitation.
  4. Leveraging on other groups and celebrities large following by sharing your page and posts on groups and social media influencers’ pages to reach more people.  You may also need to create a group for your business or product.
  5. Supplement your organic reach with paid options for a wider reach. You can either boost your posts or use Facebook Ads to promote your posts, page, website, video or an event among other things by simply selecting the appropriate campaign objective.

    selecting the appropriate campaign objective
    selecting the appropriate campaign objective
  6. Getting your web content shared by other people – This is an eccentric way of promoting your brand on social media using your website visitors. Facilitate and encourage sharing of your website content on Facebook and other social media platforms by incorporating the like and the social media sharing buttons plugins on your website.


Facebook leads all the other social media platforms as the preferred choice to most businesses social media marketing platform. Being equipped with information about Facebook marketing is thus essential. The above guide gives an overview of why and how/ways to promote a product or a brand on Facebook and may be instrumental to any type of business.

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