3 Basic Tips For Your Company Twitter

Since the inception of social media, Twitter has taken the reigns as a powerful and popular platform. As a major communicator used by millions around the world, implementing this fast-paced tool is an important move for any business in order to reach wide and unique audiences. Still not convinced? According to Brandwatch, 80 percent of Twitter users have mentioned brands in their tweets and 54 percent of users have taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in a tweet. With roughly 500 million tweets sent each day, that’s a lot of opportunity for your brand to be talked about.

Like any promotional tool, having a Twitter account takes time and effort in order to do it effectively. Why not take full advantage of the platform? Check out these first basic steps to ensure you use Twitter in the best way possible and reap the benefits.

1. Make the Message Fresh and Relevant

An important thing to remember with any social media is that it is fast-paced. People are updating and viewing Tweets multiple times a day and as such, as a company, it’s important to ensure your content stands out. How do you do this? Try to include information that is new and includes points that would be interesting to your audience. For example, if you’re a beauty brand, try including tweets about fashion, make-up or girly movies — things that you know your target audience will relate to.

Even if it’s not to do with interests or hobbies, make sure you stay true to your company values or even relate it to an upcoming event, like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. As it will be something on people’s minds, you could upload something that relates your brand to these events. Nike for example, posted a video in light of the NBA All Star Game this year, drawing in the sports fans that would be part of the company’s target market.

When deciding on a tweet or re-tweet, think about whether it will make your audience stop scrolling down the page and actually engage. As an extra tip, try adding a hashtag to draw in a wider audience and reach out to new customers.

2. Keep It Regular

With blogs, social media, podcasts, videos and millions of websites, there is so much content for people to consume. Therefore, as a brand, it’s important to ensure that you remain on the forefront of people’s minds. Try remaining active on Twitter, uploading engaging content frequently, re-tweeting other people’s tweets and commenting on your audiences posts. By remaining on people’s news feeds, you can use Twitter’s ability to easily communicate by engaging audiences with your brand more often and increasing your chances of drawing in old and new customers.

3. Use Variety

Don’t be fooled into thinking that tweets only have to be written content — the great thing about Twitter is that there are so many options for companies to remain active and engaging. Try mixing it up when it comes to your updates and don’t be afraid to try something new. You could upload videos, pictures or re-tweet other people’s content. You could include content from within the company, like your latest staff party to make your brand seem more relatable to followers. Even if you are posting a simple written tweet, try and make it something different like a joke, interesting fact or a question that requires your audience to comment on. Amway serves as a great example for using variety on Twitter, uploading links to interesting articles, pictures of inspirational quote another and a video in honor of their CEO’s birthday.

Twitter is a great tool for brands to reach their audiences, but just like any other format, it requires knowledge and experience to properly make use of. Try out these few basic tips to get started with a company Twitter account and engage new and existing customers.

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