App Store Wars: Who Controls the Market? [Infographic]

In recent years, smartphones have exploded in growth, with adoption coming from nearly all members of society.  In fact, the smartphone has basically become one of the most useful daily essentials.  But with this love of smartphones coming from all over, fanatics have developed, and ties have been made. This has resulted in heated debates, arguments, drama, and passion (people take their phones very seriously!) for which company makes the best smartphone, and which operating system is the most user-friendly. But do they always have the information to back it up?

No, it takes an SEO services company, in this case, WebpageFX, to provide the data, in which we can see which smartphone’s, and applications have been most adopted by the smartphone fanatics of the world.

At the end of the day device doesn’t matter, what it matters are the Apps for the Devices. This infographic should explain how the App Markets are segmented.

App Store Wars - Who controls the market? - infographic


Author: Shane is an internet marketer with an affinity for all things technology.  He is an Apple loyalist who can hardly imagine living without his iPhone.

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