An Exploration Into the Next Generation of Home Protection

Home security and protection isn’t a new concept. From castle walls and drawbridges to alarms and wireless doorbell cameras, home security has always been a concern. So with the rapid advancement of technology in the modern age, let’s see what’s on the horizon for the next generation of home protection.


Who needs a guard tower when you have a drone? If an intruder is detected on your property by your security system, it could send low-flying drones after the criminal to capture video evidence. These drones could be released by security systems or the local police from nearby rooftops to help identify burglars. In addition, these drones also could have the ability to spray intruders with a hard-to-remove chemical spray so police could find and identify them if they happen to get away from the video surveillance. The drones could help trip the alarm before a burglar gets anywhere near your house, helping you feel safer day and night.

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Real Fences and Geofences

Fences and gates make it more difficult to enter your property since they either have to be unlocked or climbed. They also tend to be noisy, alerting you to a problem. However, this is old technology. The next generation of fences may have a polymer coating that can alert your security system if someone tries to climb over them. This could activate other parts of your security system, such as the drones or alarm.

Geofences also is a new idea when it comes to home security. They previously have been used to tell marketers when someone is near a business, so they could target them with timely ads and deals. When it comes to your home, geofences can detect when you are there via your smartphone. If it doesn’t sense your smartphone, it can employ motion sensors that will alert you if something or someone else is moving in your home. Then, when you’re inside, it disables the motion sensors.

Security Systems

Wireless security cameras are the latest and greatest in surveillance technology. Before you had to be able to plug your camera into a DVR or to power them with wires, limiting where you could place them around your home. Now with wire-free systems, you can install the cameras wherever they’ll have the best angle both inside and outside of your home. These types of cameras also use passive infrared sensors to detect heat patterns. If someone is moving in the camera’s line of sight when they’re not supposed to, the camera wakes up and begins recording. Be sure to purchase a camera that can record a clear picture both during the day and night, so you’re protected at all times.

Automated Neighborhood Watch

In the near future, you’ll be able to replace your neighborhood watch group with an automated detection system. Instead of having people walk around and patrol for suspicious activity, your alarm system will use the above tools to alert you to intruders and criminals. It then will alert other home security systems in your neighborhood to the problem. All of the cameras, alarms and other technology will be able to work together to record the criminal and report it to the police.

The next generation of home protection is following the smart home and technology trends in other industries. With drones, cameras, and automation improving all the time, you will feel extra safe and secure in your house at all times.

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