How to Write a Fantastic Guest Post

This is a risky title for a post as I’m potentially opening myself up to what I like to call ultra-critique. Telling people how to write fantastic content is a dangerous topic to get into, as your own writing needs to be absolutely spot on. I’m not sure this is something that I’m going to achieve, but after writing (and publishing) what feels like thousands of guest posts in recent months I’ve definitely noticed a distinct trend in styles and personalities.

The first thing that almost goes without saying is that you shouldn’t be writing just to get a link. In doing that you would be devaluing one of the most effective and gratifying areas of SEO that, happily, has taken over from the horror that was article spinning. We’re now in a position where we can write great content and be rewarded for it – both through better rankings and increased exposure. In return, however, you should be giving other blog owners some of your best content. Continue reading

How to ensure that your WordPress site can handle enough traffic

Creating a blog or website, through WordPress, doesn’t guarantee visitors. While you have created something that might have potential, there isn’t much chance that you will be able to get people to visit it by magic. This part requires a lot of hard work & dedication and WordPress designers & developers from all over the world are regularly involved in making this dream a reality. Continue reading

Ok My Business is on Twitter so Now What? Here are 18 tips to Success.

We all know Twitter, we may not all be on it (if you not I suggest you do so), but we have all heard of it. If you are a business or a brand or just a person that wants to make a name for themselves, there are certain steps that you should take in order to become a Twitter assassin. It’s not just as simple as creating an account and then seeing your profile go viral (unless you are Charlie Sheen of course), no there is work required.  I myself have a passion for twitter and I am constantly trying to broaden my horizons with the untapped marketing potential of the Twitterverse. Continue reading

Tips on How to Lower Your Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

The Google Analytics application is a very useful tool for webmasters to analyze the strength of their blog. Among the many statistics available is something called bounce rate. This is listed as a percentage and details how many visitors to your site leave without ever visiting another page on your site. A high bounce rate means that viewers are not sticking around to explore everything your blog has to offer. They are simply brought into your site through a link or search engine, peruse one article, and promptly leave to go on with their Internet journeys. Analyzing your site’s bounce rate is a great way to determine whether readers are getting real value from your blog or just merely stopping by. Continue reading

Panda Update – 5 Fixes For The Latest Google Adjustment

If your site is still suffering from the adjustment made to Google’s algorithm in mid October, I’ve got some ideas I’d like to share with you on how you can turn this trend around.

It’s been almost a month now since Google made the change that affected thousands of sites. According to the data that I have available to me, most sites that were affected suffered a reduction in ranking but were still on the first page or at the top of the second page. However I’ve read posts in various chat forums from some webmasters that say their traffic has been cut in half and their page rankings were in the toilet.

I know how disappointing it can be to see your hard work go poof overnight but if you sit back and take a hard look at what happened and why, I’m confidant you’ll be able to fix your pages so they once again get the ranking they had…or at least close to it.

But keep this in mind…as adjustments go this wasn’t a big one and I believe it is correctable. Continue reading

4 Quick Tips for Blogging Inspiration

4 Quick Tips for Blogging Inspiration
Image Credit (Creative Commons)

It has been said before and it’ll be said before: content is king.

Whether your blog is your business or you use it as a medium to drive extra traffic to your site, creating interesting and quality content is key. Without it, how will you get new readers to pay attention to you? What will keep readers coming back to your blog for more? What will get your readers to share your content? And, what will help your blog climb Google’s daunting ranks? Continue reading