How to Decide Between Mobile App and Responsive Website #infographic

The evolution of information is in the reach of your hand. Almost anything and everything can be done from the smartphone.

Most of the fast moving business already realized that present and future of business industry is “Mobile”.

But that realization can bring a business owner to a different set of problems. How to decide what to choose for their business.

Is it a native mobile app or a responsive website? Continue reading

How to Extend Your Ultrabook Storage Capacity

Are you one of those people who constantly work with development tools and even graphics design utilities?

If you are, you will probably run into a storage limitations when you are using ultrabooks or notebooks. Ultrabook pcs uses fast but smaller capacity SSD storage. Most mid/high end ultrabooks uses 128GB SSD storage. While windows itself can take up to 40GB, it makes it hard to install all the development tools and graphics design tools. Continue reading

33 Digital Marketing STATS You Didn’t Know! (Infographic)

Digital marketing – It is a combination of Content, SEO, Email, Social Media and Mobile.

Yoda London have put together stats ranging from, content marketing stats to international social media. If you are related to Digital Marketing, you will find this infographic really helpful.

These numbers and stats would make sense of the importance of the Digital Marketing elements. Continue reading

Making Your Business Better In The New Year

For individuals, the start of a new year is the perfect time to make resolutions and focus on self-improvement as it is a symbol of new starts and beginnings. Those who own a small business should also use this time of year to make changes and improvements that will help them see growth in their company and its profits and will not only benefit them throughout the year but in years to come. For businesses looking to make changes in the New Year, here are four areas that you can improve to help make your business better in 2014. Continue reading

7 Companies Inspired by Greek Mythology and Their Logos

Greek mythology is present in our everyday lives whether we know it or not. It is deeply embedded into our everyday culture, and a lot of the movies we see, books we read, music we hear, and yes – even products we buy – are deeply influenced by the Ancient Greeks.

The ancient Greeks had many different gods and goddesses – hundreds of them – and they are reflected through us through our language on an everyday basis. Let’s take a look at 7 companies that use the ancient Greek mythology as their business name and logo. Continue reading

New WP-Optimize Plugin – Optimizing Your WordPress Just Got Better

Almost 5 years before, I made a small plugin for WordPress called WP-Optimize. The very basic nature of this plugin was as simple as click and clean the junk data from WordPress databases.

It was to the point – straight forward tool for WordPress administrators. I have used it in all my WordPress projects and It did what it was supposed to do.

But eventually I realized, this plugin can be a very helpful tool for the people who manages and uses WordPress sites on a daily basis. So I decided to put it on the plugins repository. Since then, it has almost half a million downloads and an average of 4.6 rating. Continue reading