What Does it Mean For The Future of Blog Networks [Added Infographic]

What Does it Mean For The Future of Blog Networks [Added Infographic]

How Blogs Help? People write blogs for a bigger reason than wanting to be heard for free! Blogging is basically a way of search engine optimization. For years it has been a very efficient way of attracting traffic to your web site by building back links to it. The back links ate posted on a blog and the people who visit the blog are likely to visit eh website it links to. But now, these techniques of increasing page rankings are likely to become obsolete because search engines do not seem to promote them. The question is what does it mean for the future of blog network?

Natural Links

Google is on a hunt of naturally built links. The back links built through blogs are in a way bought, and search engines hate purchased links. Google promotes the idea of writing good content and leaving the rest to the search engines instead of building unnatural links, that is, links to websites built solely for the purpose of attracting traffic. If Google announces strict policies against blogging, what does it mean for the future of blog network, and how will the millions of website owners earn, who have more than ninety percent of the back links to their pages through blogs

What To Do Now?

Write quality content

Google promotes posting good content. This means that discouraging building links to your website through blogs does not mean the end of your online marketing! You can have quality content written and again, make it natural. Write about what you offer, how you are different, and your value propositions and promote your service. This is the right way of attracting traffic. Since, your primary concern is getting more and more people to notice your presence online, what does it mean for the future of blog network should not bother you. All you have to do is adopt a slightly different strategy to attract consumers. This should be through quality content, and avoiding unnatural back links to your page.

Make use of Social Media

Keep in mind the role of social media and what does it mean for the future of blog network. The decline of blogs will not affect your business if you have quality to share; this is because high quality is stuff gets targeted by social media and gets advertised on its own through the popular plus one, likes and shares! Come up with stuff that is likely to go viral on forums and social media sites like Twitter and Face book. This is one of the reasons that the classical search engine optimization techniques are likely to fail anyway. Social media has offered more natural linking to a page and therefore is a far more preferred way of being noticed online. So, it would be a wise idea to stop whining about what does it mean for the future of blog network and get started with advertising what you have to offer through the increasingly popular social media now.

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Editor’s note:

Here is one infographic (Made by Grasshopper.com) that would help you understand the co-relationship between Bloggers and Social Media platforms. This infographic might seems older but it is still in context.

Blog Economy Infographic

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