Ways that Search Engines Affect the Internet World That We Don’t Realize

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Something that Mark Zucherburg thinks about every single day is how Facebook will grow every day, without accidently confining itself.

Now what do I mean by that?

Facebook, like many other technologies of our world, have to be careful, really careful, about how they go about their coding and their innovation in creating new features, new flow systems, and new interfaces. This is because you might not see it now, but you might be kicking yourself in the butt in the future if you code something that disallows you to be further innovative in the future.

This is what search engines are somewhat doing to us – in my opinion: Confining the abilities of computer technology, and even to the point of creating coding languages. So much of our lives are based upon search and retrieval these days, to the point of where many believe that it is changing the way we think.



What do I mean by search engines influencing the way coding languages are developed? Take a look at the difference between HTML and HTML5.


In short, HTML was solely created for the browsers so that you could get your information appropriately. HTML 5 will now not only be constructed for the browsers, but for the search engines as well. Sounds like even coding adheres to the search engines these days…


Here is one particular thing that usually I find really depresses the way we think on a daily basis.


The mobile phone is said to overtake fixed Internet soon. One thing that is highly used on the mobile device, is finding directions to wherever it is you are heading.


I find this ability actually deteriorating many times. Even though it can be very useful, I always find myself having such a hard time getting to where I am going using this feature. IT is so easy to use, that we do not pay attention to street signs or our surroundings, and it becomes very easy for us to forget how we actually got there, as we didn’t have to do any work because the machines did it all for us. Even Pluto of ancient Greece argued that we would lose the art of remembering because of our ability to write things down. The Internet has brought that to a whole other level.



The world is being shaped around search engines. There is a battle between social and search. Which in my mind, is basically entertainment (social) VS needs (search). Do they mean the same thing? The answer to that question will tell us a lot about life and a lot about what it is that we need as humans.


This article was written by Philip P. Russell. Philip helps to run an SEO company by day over at www.inetzeal.net. In his spare time he loves to write article about SEM, SEO, Internet marketing, and all things related to the world of Internet business.