Four Ways to Create Compelling SEO Content to Increase Conversions

A website making the best use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can enjoy excellent search engine results. However, that doesn’t mean the site is experiencing great conversions as well. It is difficult for small businesses to find a balance between function, i.e., content length, Google-friendly SEO, authority and form such as videos, infographics, user design and many more. It is a fantastic thing to possess a website that is appealing to look. However, that doesn’t ensure a local search presence.

One of the interesting aspects of SEO that does ensure favorable conversion rates is a content writing service. Giving importance and making use of the conversion-based content is one of the most effective ways to convert online users to loyal customers. And it also helps you to sync into Google’s changing algorithms.

The challenge

You need to write content that is engaging, visually appealing, informative, rankable and easy to understand. Only then will a random user get inspired to contact your brand by reading the content. To write engaging content, you can outsource a content writing service. Alternatively, you can also follow the guidelines as follows:

#1. Get them early

The summer heat is high and your AC is out of service? So, are you okay with wasting tremendous time getting caught up in keyword-stuffed and high-rank HVAC sites that talk about similar information time and again? Chances are no. Instead, you would want to be there at a web page that speaks of a company which offers emergency AC maintenance in your region at an affordable price. If there’s a contact number, you would probably dial it at the earliest.

SEO at times can be a total distraction. It might just take away from the design-friendly and conversion aspects of the page. It’s indeed smart to use SEO tips there. However, you always need to look at the desktop and mobile pages from the perspective of the customer. Make use of the best practices here. It comprises of the following aspects:

  • Bullet points
  • A simple and straightforward headline
  • Charts
  • A proper banner image
  • Testimonials
  • Statistics

You can keep the technical details and company history for later on. When the online users scroll down, they probably have loved reading your content. And if they have, chances are they will convert to a customer soon.

#2. Always write practical content

Every customer who browses through your website looks for specific information and services that they are searching for. Hence, your content needs to address that with practical details and relevant content. The conversion pages should flow in tandem with the content and design as well. Majority of the online users skim the website content. You need to maintain a particular order. One paragraph should automatically lead to the next. There should be seamlessness in the web content.

It is essential to write thinking about your audience. When you get there, you will be able to tap into a flow that will help you arrange your facts, examples, references in your content appropriately and weave it well. Get focused when you are preparing the content. As when the flow breaks, your writing might appear incoherent, and this can cost on the conversion bit heavily.

#3. Do away with anything that is in excess

Your website and SEO content should be tight and precise. So, you can skip and eliminate all kinds of extra data. From an SEO perspective, it is rather easy to add in all the external and internal hyperlinks in vast chunks of content. It adds value and also can at times distract the readers. The primary objective of the web-page is twofold, that is to come up in the search outcome and then to convert. And when you keep adding on other priorities such as displaying the brand-new company video and also make a slideshow of widgets, you might end up losing a potential consumer because of slow load times.

#4. “Better” is always more

User experience and better content can result in generating increased website users that will generally result in increased conversions and high rank on Google, because of enhanced authority. The way search is developing, and it is essential for the businesses to feature themselves on the mobile-friendly pages that will get a considerable part of the job done. Additionally, when you overdo SEO, it might just backfire against you. The minimalist websites can face troubles ranking them.

Hence, it is essential that you take all your time to come up with direct, simple and informative content that gets written in a natural, conversational tone. The objective is to the draw people to your content, so that read more. And gradually, decide to make a purchase and get added to your customer base.

Every website needs content to run. Content lets people know what your site is all about and how can the users avail your services or purchase your products. Other than hiring a professional SEO agency, you can follow the four tips discussed above and check out the difference for yourself.

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