Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use DesignEvo for Your Logo Designs

In this very article, you will get to know the top 5 reasons why you should take advantage of DesignEvo for your logo creation, and even you are designing green hand. Unlike Photoshop logo service, this tool will save your day and time!

What Is DesignEvo?

I bet many of you haven’t heard of or tried this niche app before. DesignEvo is a convenient and popular logo service online, which came to the Internet on Sep 2017.

Based on our experiences, it’s the “logo ATM” and offers us a free logo option! Insert(Input) your logo thinking (card) to it (the ATM) and give it a run, after a few clicks away, you will get a right logo for company or blog.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Pick DesignEvo for Logo Design

6000+Logo Templates – Enough “Candidates” for Your Selection

DesignEvo adds thousands of templates each month. For now, there are over 6000 logo templates in the app.

Those templates include Abstract, Business & Consulting, Life, Science & Technology, Travel & Hotel and many more. A keyword can retrieve all of these templates within the app.

over 6000 logo templates in the app

1- 8 Minutes to Finish A Logo Design

Based on multiple tests, it usually takes 1-8 minutes to make a logo within this app. If selecting a template and go next with little adjustments, you will find DesignEvo very efficient to finish a logo probably within 1 minute: Input a “Logo Name” and a “Slogan,” Swoosh…Your logo design is ready to be downloaded.

If you don’t want more adjustments to it, press [Download]. You will find your logo image in your browser download document. All of this can be done in 1 min.

Based on multiple tests, it usually takes 1-8 minutes to make a logo within this app

However, let’s say, you wish something unique for your logo. DesignEvo still gets you. There are two reasonable ways to go: The first is to pick a template and select one element and make some adjustments – This takes like 2-6 minutes.

Or you may want to ditch the template options, then give a try of the [Start from Scratch] option. Next, you can compile your very own logo with a preferable font and a cool icon within its database.

Next, you can compile your very own logo with a preferable font and a cool icon within its database

Designer-Made Logo Templates, Not AI-Powered Scrawl

If searching for logo maker online, you may find tens of AI-powered logo services online. If trying any, you may get failed or disappointed by the machine delivering results.

Indeed, the machine code can render uncountable logos for your considerations, while it only guarantees the quality following its algorithm, which means if the algorithm misses some rules, your logo could fail somehow. That’s the very third reason that I recommend you give this little app a try.

Before you’ve made the decision for your logo, it never is terrible to see other options. At least, it’s your logo and should be used for a relatively extended period. It’s better to choose among designer-proven results.

FREE and FREE – It’s an Option!

The fourth reason that I recommend this app is its free option. Who doesn’t want a free download and a free use? By default, you can download your design at a size of 500*500 to a JPG and a PNG at no cost.

But for those who want an SVG/PDF vector logo, you will need to pay $39.99 for a logo design, which will cover high-resolution image package and royalty-free trademark registration right.

Comparing with other services for the same download (around $99), it’s as much as 60% cheaper, but I still wish this is also a free choice and frankly, I’m no fan of any paid services. Honestly speaking, those offerings are good deals.

WYSIWYG – Flexible Customization & Preview Highlights

You are entitled to customize the logo by opting for an element and select a proper style. Rotation, color digit inputting, font changing, effect setting, layer setting – all these items can be clicked and switched.

After the flexible customization, you would like to preview the logo. [Preview] will give six scenarios for a view, i.e., business card, document header, book cover, website banner, T-shirt, presentation wall.

Advanced Tips to Play DesignEvo – We Tell You the Secret

Do you want to make any wordmark or APPLE-like logo? Well, here is another way to do this, stay tuned!

Let’s say, you want to make a wordmark for your newly-made Techy website. The shortest approach to make a professional Tech wordmark is to search “Technology”, choose a template, delete other elements and leave only the letter, change it with your own logo words, and move it to a proper position.

Likewise, if you want a logomark without any text, you just need to do the opposite – leave the shapes and delete the words.

Hope you enjoy the tip today!

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