Top 7 Benefits of Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

ESS (Employee self-service) portal is a tool that allows employees and every that user with access to it to manage their personal details and payroll-related parameters. It provides the liberty to apply or get access to payslips while moving. Like an HR department on your fingertips.

What arises the need for Employee self-service portals?

In many organizations, the HR department is often seen crushed between logs of papers and pending repetitive tasks. There has been always a need for software that could perform those repetitive and mundane tasks for them and save them more time. 

HR is not supposed to only provide monthly payslips and approve leaves for employees. Leave management, salary process, workforce engagement and talent hiring are some prime duties. So, do you think their job is easy? What if we bring a genie therein? it could help our HR in performing their tasks and some of the repetitive tasks all on its own. 

Here it arises the need for the ESS portal. Yes, it is not the genie, but close to it. How? Explained below are 7 benefits of Employee self-service portal:

Workforce empowerment

The provided ESS (employee self-service) portal helps employees access their work schedule, remaining leaves, worked hours, last punch time, last salary slip received, PF account details and much more. The portal empowers them to solve their issues sitting at their place through mobile, without even bothering to go to HR management. 

Now, employees need not wait for any special occasion to post requests on their leaves or reports. It can now be done at any minute. This saves time for employees as well as employers. Managers can now simply receive requests on their postal and accept/ reject within clicks. 

Thus, employee management made easy!

Central management

This is purely to eliminate any kind of confusion or miscommunication. When managers start receiving all their team members’ requests on the same portal, it becomes easy to handle them. Rather than receiving time-cards or reports separately on different platforms, bringing every parameter on the same page makes internal management easier and smooth. 

One platform. All solutions. It eases the burden of upper management. It lets you no more push salaries or payslips again and again for every employee. Just one click and you are done. The same platform allows employees to keep track of their approvals. 

Promotes mobility

Cloud-based HRMS solution which provides a dedicated ESS portal, allows their employees to work from remote areas. Work online. Leave management is no more an issue for workers at a remote location. Also, it lets your HR to accept regularization requests, process payroll, grant any admin access to users or many any changes through mobile itself. 

ESS is best meant for leveraging the benefit of mobility. It allows you to function even when not on your desktop. It makes employee management burden less for HR people.

Quick operations

Since the ESS portal makes data transfer very quick, it saves a lot of time for HR and other managerial positions to work upon priority tasks. the portal eliminates the need of lingering around your office chair and keep attending employee mails and resolving them single handily. Whilst, a self-service portal, within a few programmed clicks, does much of your work. 

It helps reduce admin time and reduces the need for a huge HR workforce. Employees can download or access any information like HR details, manager details, holidays list, etc. through the portal itself. 

Employee retention

Employees love when powers are given to them. They would love, upper management staying out of the loop. In simple tasks like knowing the remaining PL (Paid leaves) and similar parameters, they would hesitate to ask their managers or HR manager

Whereas, the ESS portal allowing them to access any kind of information with a login that helps in employee engagement and retention. Timely payroll, data within reach, self-service and empowered clicks are some major factors in improving employee turnover. 

Expense management

The reimbursement process was never so easy before. The employee self-service portal allows its employees to put their expenses and tax filing through one platform. Expense management is no more as tough as it sounds. 

Employees can now claim and receive approvals on the same page within seconds. All these can be done through their mobile phones, provided good internet. March’s end taxation becomes easier for HR management. Tedious worksheets and tax filing are just a cakewalk now. Enjoy more compliant expense management through a reliable ESS portal.

HR chatbot

Now, all for the employees. Who doesn’t want their employees to stay longer with the organization? Things like AI-based HR chatbot, which is always available to their service can be one of the finest assets to keep your employees happy and satisfied. With no specified working hours or restrictions, AI-based chatbots are very feasible tools. 

Any query or requirement, HR chatbot is there for you! Just ask it and you get your answer. Whether it is information about any month’s salary slip or regularisation update, integrated HR chatbot is well equipped of providing information to employees. 

HR chatbot also fastens the employee service process. Therefore, efficient employee management. 


The ESS portal along with an HRMS system could be the only thing your business would need. From benefiting employee turnover to saving time and efforts of your HR department, the ESS portal has it all. Your one decision to integrate could boost the outcomes of your business and save many unwanted costs. 

As a company grows, it needs automation at its management. Simple software integration to your management could improve the overall efficiency of your business operation and internal communication. 

Make no more delay. Make a call soon and nurture good working culture and talented workforce at your enterprise. 

Thanks for reading!

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