Top 3 Best Windows Password Remover in 2020

From your social media accounts to your pictures to any data, it is important to keep your laptops protected from others. This is why almost all of us always password protect our devices. However, forgetting the Windows login password is also a common occurrence and often leads to much hassle and even data loss.  Here are 3 of the best Windows password remover tools that offer a quick-fix for all your forgotten passwords!

Top 1: Passcope Windows Password Reset Tool

That tops our list is the Passcope Windows Password Reset tool. Before writing this article, I along with my team tested all major Windows password removers easily available on the internet and simply loved Spower Windows Password Rest, due to it’s easy to use mechanism and fast results.

Windows Password Reset is a very comprehensive Windows password unlocker. It is able to efficiently reset passwords for Microsoft accounts, domains, admin and local Windows accounts, etc. It is also programmed to be able to delete a Windows user account without requiring details for login. 


  • Very efficient and fast results.
  • This software is very user friendly and does the work in 4 easy steps. (explained below)
  • 100% secure and free of any virus.
  • 100% success rate.
  • It is compatible with all common and sought-after Microsoft Windows servers and versions. (Windows 2016,2012,2008,2003,2000, Vista, XP, Windows 7,8 and 10)
  • It also supports IDE disk, SATA, RAID, and SCSI.
  • Functioned to assist in generating USB/DVD/CD disk for resetting passwords.


  • Even though there is a free trial version, the actual tool is not free and has to be purchased.

You can quickly reset your Windows password using it on any of your Windows server and version by following these four simple steps.

Step 1: Download the software.

The software version should be selected based on your requirement. Then download and install it on a workable computer or laptop.

Step 2: Create a disk to reset Windows password.

One main step to be able to reset the password is to first make a DVD/USB/CD disk for Windows password reset. To begin creating a password reset disk, choose the disk type from the options available, i.e., “CD or DVD” and “USB device”.

Pick one on the Windows Password Reset selection panel

Then, insert the DVD/CD/USB that you chose in your device and choose the “Begin burning” option in order to generate a password reset disk for your Windows.

Click begin burning in the windows password remover

Note: Steps 3, 4, and 5 are to be performed on the locked Window device.

Step 3: 

Prepare to put your locked out Windows device to boot using the reset disk you created.

Booting the computer is a fairly simple process even if it sounds complicated. Here are two easy methods by which you can put your Windows to boot. 

Method 1:

First, a relatively simple method is to put your device to boot using the “boot” option. Begin with inserting the reset disk in your device and restarting it. Once the device has restarted and is back to life, there will be a first screen displayed. Press the Boot key that is operational in your device (different companies have different boot keys and hence we have attached a table for boot keys in most of the computer companies). Once you press the boot key, you will be directed to the “Boot menu”. Once in the menu, select the USB/DVD/CD option based on the reset disk type that you created. Not being able to enter the boot menu in the first attempt is a common scenario, if that happens, try pressing the boot key again. 

table for boot key in different servers
Boot Menu

Method 2: 

Boot your device using the BIOs system. In order to boot your device this way, all you have to do is restart your computer and immediately start pressing the BIOs entry key repeatedly and proceed to select the boot option using the desired keys. At last, select the reset disk type as your boot device. 

bios menu

Step 4: Reset Windows.

Once the Windows password remover is operational, follow these 3 mini-steps to conclude your reset. 

  1. On the password reset screen, first, select your Windows server type and then choose a user.
  2. A “Reset” button will then be displayed, click on it. (Note: for Windows Server 2016,2012,2008,2003,2000 the password will be set to Spower@2011 by default, while there will be no password for Windows 10,8.1,8,7, XP, Vista and 2000.)
  3. Click on the “Reboot” button displayed to restart your computer. A message (attached below) will then be displayed. Finally, remove the password reset disk from your device, and by clicking on the Yes option, restart your device. 
click yes

Now you are done with resetting instead of a factory reset Windows 7 without password or in other Windows versions.

TOP 2: PassFab 4WinKey

The second Windows password remover tool to have made it to our list is the PassFab 4WinKey. It is a software that is fast and efficient when it comes to resetting Windows local user or admin account without a password.

Passfab 4winkey Windows Password Remover


  • It is very easy to use with user-friendly features.
  • It is fully secure and in no way compromises the security of user data
  • It helps you create a password reset disk in a span of minutes.
  • Functional in Windows computers.
  • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2019.
  • It is programmed to unlock your device with different sign-in options, such as Hello Fingerprint, Hello Face, etc.


  • Does not support Mac/IOS.
  • Supports relatively less Windows versions and servers when compared to Spower Windows Password Reset. 

TOP  3: Free Ophcrack Windows Password Remover

Ophcrack Windows Password Remover is a free Windows password reset tool to reset Windows password in an efficient and time-saving fashion.

Ophcrack Windows password remover


  • It is free to use.
  • No software is needed to be installed.
  • Uses a live CD method to crack Windows password, recovering passwords automatically.
  • Supports almost all Windows servers and versions.
  • Has a success rate of 98%


  • Is it only able to reset passwords for passwords with characters below 14?
  • The file size is about 650 MB so it requires a bit of storage space.
  • A disk or USB device needs to be used other than the Live Cd disk, to add the ISO image before starting the reset.
  • Windows 10 is the only Windows server it does not function in.


Whenever having trouble accessing your Windows due to a lost password, without wasting another second just go for any of our recommendations and unlock your Windows account or reset it in a matter of a few minutes, without compromising on the integrity and safety of your data.

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