5 Reasons Your Business Needs Backup Software

Mistakes in the workplace, no matter how innocent, and hardware failures result in the majority of data loss even in this day and age. Software failure and corruption is also on that list.  Add to that an upswing in cybercrime of nearly 70% in the last year, affecting hundreds of millions of people and potential customers, and there is good evidence pointing out that not losing any data in a year is proof of incredible good fortune.

For anyone not willing to gamble on the type of luck they’ll have in the future, data backup software is there for you. By backing up your information and business-critical data as well as application states, you will always be ready to restore your business to a state of perfect order no matter what data loss event befalls your business.

Improves Reliability and Boosts Confidence

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Having the ability to restore data to a point before it was lost, accidentally deleted, or altered in such a way as to be useless is an obvious strong point of data restoration. This helps keep deadlines in check, restore customer-facing applications to working order, and offers a reliable safety net to anyone who might be a little wary of working with a new system.

Reduce the Chance Human Error Losing You Time or Money

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As mentioned above, human error is a significant factor in data loss events. There are two ways this happens. First, someone working with the data could make a mistake. With data backup software, they can then return the data to a previously saved restoration point with ease. No harm, no foul.

In the second case, the “mistakes” may be intentional or the result of a cybercriminal taking advantage of an employee. Even in situations like these, data restoration from a reliable backup suite can iron things out, returning them to the way they were before things went awry. Some of these software packages can even help you flag areas where unusual activity has occurred.

Helps Protect Your Data From Cyber Attacks and Criminals

In 2016, malicious cyber activity is estimated to have cost the U.S. Economy up to $109 billion. While much of this criminal activity was aimed at infrastructure, many of the attacks were also aimed at data theft of private businesses and citizens. This same report notes that in an average year, a company or firm may experience as many as 130 security breaches or breach attempts.

Given this information, it should be clear that every single business, no matter how small, could see a significant number of cyber threats per year– and have to deflect them or deal with the consequences. Those consequences can get expensive.

Further, cyber attacks where data is leaked or that leads to your everyday business operations being altered can erode trust with current clients and customers, sometimes irreparably. The cost of lost confidence is difficult to calculate, but it’s not hard to imagine that the damage would be extensive.

Insulates Your From Other Hardware and Software Malfunctions

Hardware fails. It may be defective or just worn out. Either way, the equipment is never infallible. Computers and technology need to be regularly upgraded as well, as your business grows and you compete. By backing up your data with automation software remotely, you can then update your new equipment in just a few hours, hassle-free, and be back up and running almost immediately. Further, some hardware components, with minor issues, can cause corruption to digital data. This corruption may be small at first and not be noticed for days or months- until things come to a head and start to break down.

While hardware malfunctions may lead to complete loss of data, software malfunctions typically lead to bits of data being corrupted. This could mean a specific file or only a component of it. That corruption can then spread to other documents and even cause wear on particular hardware components over time. By restoring the data as soon as corruption is detected, you save yourself more trouble down the line. And again, individual packages may even help you recognize corruption early.

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

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Another feature not to be overlooked, though it may not be the primary feature of “backup” software is the ability to access your data even if you have to move to another, temporary office or device. Depending on the features of the specific software you choose, you may be able to access whatever you need to from nearly anywhere in the world you can get an internet connection.

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