Quick Tips for Selling Managed VoIP Service

For the first impression in VoIP business, there is no other chance. It takes a few seconds and forms such a firm opinion that it takes a lot of effort to change it.

If you want your VoIP service to attract many potential customers – pay great attention to writing the ad itself. This is precisely the part where you can highlight all the advantages and specificities of your services and thus attract those who need it.

Writing an ad with which you will quickly and efficiently sell your VoIP services seems like a very easy and simple thing. But there are rules and clauses. We give you tips to help you get quick sales at a good price.

How many times did it happen that even though you wrote an ad, and you’ve paid for it to be placed on the site, but your phone doesn’t ring?

Tips for a good ad

If it’s well-conceived, concise, and yet it contains enough information, the ad will help you quickly sell your desired item. Whether it’s a VoIP service or a VoIP device – there are clear guidelines that you need to keep in mind when compiling your ads.

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The first and the most obvious thing is – photo. For this reason, if you’re selling VoIP devices, the photo of the products should be as attractive as possible. Once you have selected the appropriate photos, the ad text and characteristics of what you are selling come online.

How to position yourself on the Internet

Keywords can help you in better ad placement. If you choose the right keywords (which should be related to what you’re selling), it will be easier for you to reach potential customers. For example, if you are selling VoIP services, your ad should include words like “VoIP”, “services”, “VoIP providers”, etc …

After selecting keywords, in the ad headline, you can “play” with combinations of words such as “special offer”, “just today”, and so on. By combining keywords with these combinations you can make a real win.

With a good word combination, your ad will also be ranked well in the Google search engine. Some sites also offer the option to fill in the tag fields. If you have this option, be sure to include all keywords in your ad. When choosing them, imagine what a user would need to sign in to Google to find your ad.

Apart from the tempting title, the text itself should be true, accurate, informative and serious.

What you must not do

  • Make sure you don’t beautify your product or a service.
  • Avoid using phrases and acronyms.
  • Do not burden people with excess information.

As a VoIP service provider, you know that the sales competitors are very harsh. With so many emerging VoIP providers, small and medium businesses have more options to choose. Convincing them to choose your company is a great challenge.

Managed VoIP Services

Managed VoIP is a term for various business VoIP services that focus on easy implementation, use, and management. Managed VoIP services can be PBXs (Private Branch Exchange) that are managed by a VoIP provider.

It also saves employees from having to do the IT work. With a PBX phone system, companies can significantly lower their costs. It can be used instead of paying for separate phone lines for each employee with a phone.

Depending upon the business set-up, you need to ensure which service works best. Giving away proper options to customers helps to direct the customers in the right way.

Tips you should rely on

  1. Show your services clearly.
  2. Offer products based on your client’s needs. 
  3. Check Bandwidth Requirements.
  4. Make sure that customers are secure with your VoIP services.

Displaying services

Make your VoIP sales in the right way.  Explain all the services features to your clients, and tell them why those features are important in order to achieve their business goals. Be precise and clear, but do not confuse the client with information that is not important to him.

Offer products based on your client’s needs

Here we come to the key moment. The sales representative should demonstrate full knowledge of VoIP services including possible disadvantages. It is his job to listen carefully to the client, so he can determine what does client actually needs, instead of what he assumed.

For example, a growing company that has various analog devices  (such as fax machines, security alarm, credit card machines) will need a solution that can accommodate fax lines and their regular plain old phones.

On the other hand, some other companies might want to make a large number of concurrent calls. They need to have sophisticated call routing and voice prioritization features, or a system that links their tradition traffic to the Internet. They will benefit from a gateway product that offers greater capacity, gives good sound quality and can be integrated with other applications.

A good VoIP sales representative should know what to offer according to his client’s needs.

Checking Bandwidth Requirements

While offering VoIP services, you must check the bandwidth requirements to support VoIP services. Various codecs are used by VoIP services for compressing and decompressing the voice data. Depending upon different applications used at a time, the bandwidth requirement is calculated.

VoIP sales representative should be there for his customer. From checking bandwidth requirements to enabling efficient traveling of voice data over the internet.

Security Elements

Since VoIP services involve mobility, the issue of service security is of paramount importance. Mobility leads to increased security threats and cyber attacks.                   

That is why the sales manager must ask his client if he wants security elements such as encrypted authentication and encrypted voice. If the VoIP representative sells services without additional security packages, then the client must be awarded of all the security risks associated with VoIP services.

Keep all this in mind and provide yourself with a satisfied client who will continuously use your services and upgrades.

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