5 Tips to Grow and Organize Your Marketing Team for Maximum Success

They say that money makes the business world go ‘round, but without marketing, there would be no revenue to speak of. Marketing is the driving force behind the success of every modern business venture, big or small, because in order to build brand awareness and reputation, and in order to position your products and services above the competition, you need two things: a strong marketing budget, and a strong marketing team.

Without these two essential elements, you cannot hope to gain the exposure and traction needed to sway the consumer market and bring new business to your doorstep. Assuming that you have the capital, here are the five tips you need to act on in order to grow and organize a thriving marketing team.

Make a list of the necessary talents

First things first, you’ll need to identify all the key talent requirements for a modern marketing team, paying special attention to cover all areas of digital and offline marketing that can be beneficial to your business. If you’re not operating with unlimited investment capital for this project, then be sure to pinpoint the priority skills you need in your marketing team right now – when your investment starts paying off, you can invest in expanding into other marketing channels.

Some crucial positions in a well-rounded marketing team will include the VP of marketing, a marketing manager, a PPC specialist, a CRO designer, an SEO specialist, a developer, and a content creator. These positions occupy the digital realm primarily, however, it’s important to keep in mind that digital marketing does make the best first-time marketing investment.

Provide marketers with the right tools and software

In order for your marketing team to be successful in the online and offline realms, they will need to have the tools necessary for streamlining workflow, organizing tasks and projects, monitoring crucial KPIs, seamless collaboration, and more. It is your duty as a business leader to provide them with these essentials, save for the hardware if their job positions do not require a performance-driven PC or laptop.

However, if you’re building a team in house, you will need to provide your team members with this necessary tech as well. Most importantly, though, they will need to have access to a cloud-based platform and all the specialized software needed to do their job effectively.

Don’t forget about remote talent acquisition

Building a marketing team is not just about bringing people into your work environment – it’s also about exploring and exploiting other talent acquisition strategies in order to tap into the top talent pools in the industry. Freelancing and outsourcing are the keywords you’re looking for here, and the best way to organize remote marketers is to give them a space where they can work together. This coworking trend has taken off in business hubs around the world, and especially Australia in recent years.

Down Under, business leaders are putting their remote teams into spaces that specialize in cowork in Melbourne and other business centers around the country in order to raise productivity and ensure seamless collaboration between team members that live in the same city. This way, they are able to extend their company culture onto the remote team, and achieve greater marketing efficiency as a result. Use the same method for your freelancers and watch as your KPIs begin to rise.

Build trust and support a creative work environment

The culture of the work environment plays a vital role in how your marketing experts collaborate, communicate, and interact on a daily basis. If the space is not optimized for productivity and non-work-related activities even, you cannot hope to instill a culture of positivism or inspire team members to do their best every day.

Remember, it’s not just about handing them a paycheck in exchange for their skills and experience, it’s also about designing a workplace where your employees will feel right at home. If you want your top marketers to stay loyal to your brand, you will need to support their creativity, build trust, and create a work environment they’ll be happy to spend time in every day. This goes for your in-house team, and your remote employees.

Establish hierarchy, communication, and SOP

Of course, in order for all of this to work, and your in-house and remote team members to collaborate seamlessly, you will need to establish a few “ground rules”. These include hierarchy, proper communication, and a standard operating procedure for all processes.

The hierarchy will make sure everyone knows exactly what their responsibilities and rights are, while proper communication will prevent workflow bottlenecks, misunderstandings, and instead raise accountability. Complement all of this with an SOP for (almost) every occasion, and your marketers will have everything they need to be independent in their work, yet deliver outstanding results.

Marketing, along with accounting, is the most important department in every company. To gain a competitive advantage and market your brand to the top of your industry, you will need to assemble a crack-team of professionals from all around the world, so be sure to use these tips to build and organize a collective of marketing experts that will take your company forward.

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