Tempered Glass: Perfect Channel To Protect Your iPhone Screen

Smartphones are nowadays a mandatory technical gadget by your side. You will hardly come across a person with no smartphone by his side. In a smartphone like the iPhone 7, the screen plays a pivotal role. Changing a broken screen is rather an expensive ordeal, which you might not want to go through. As the screens are directly connected with the internal HD and LED parts of the screen, so you have to change the entire internal machine just for a broken screen. To avoid investing such huge deals of money, going for tempered glass will work as that protective layer, placed on top of the screen. A simple and quick guide might help you land up with the perfect screen protector for your iPhone.

Do you really need one?

You have come across so many Gorilla Glass ads and your phone might have one. Do you still need a screen protector? In most cases, you do need one, especially if you don’t want to ruin the amazing screen of your phone with scratches or broken pieces.

Most iPhones today boasts of presenting Dragontail, Gorilla Glass and similar other scratch resistant glasses. But, manhandling can provide scratches quite easily. Therefore, to be extra protected, you need one iPhone 7 plus tempered glass right now.

Which one to choose:

There are primarily two types of screen protectors available. One is the tempered glass and another one is a plastic film. Now the question is which one to choose. Plastic ones have been around way before the tempered glass, but these are rather thin. It won’t be able to protect your phone’s screen from deep scratches.

Moreover, these films are not that hard to protect your screen from breaking into pieces. On the other hand, you have way more durable tempered glass, which is relatively new in the market but will protect your iPhone 7 even more than the plastic films.

Always head towards experts for application:

You might be tempted to try working with tempered glass on your own, but avoid doing that. Experts are the one to help you with the proper application of tempered glass. The screen needs to be cut to adjust with the iPhone 7’s screen first.

Then the screen needs to be cleaned with a special piece of cloth before the tempered glass is applied on top. A single mistake can form air bubbles, which you don’t want on your screen. So, let the experts handle it as they are trained individuals.

Tempered glass might bend a bit:

Wait a minute! Tempered glass is not like plastic films, then how can it bend? Well, modern technology has evolved in such a manner, which came up with bendable tempered glass for your phones with curved edges. Ask for such latest tempered glasses from the store and they can show you a demo.

Just go through these points and purchasing a glass protector for your iPhone 7 Plus seems really easy. Do not forget to check out the variations first before making a purchase.

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