How Technology Can Improve a Single Mom’s Life

For a single mom, adjusting to a partner-less lifestyle and managing kids can be quite a handful. This also plays a huge emotional and physical toll on mothers.

However, that doesn’t mean that they get to take a break from their responsibilities.

If you’re someone who’s in the same plight, I understand the struggle. But once you get the hang of this new life, you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of.

In this day and age, nothing is impossible for women, especially when there’s so much technological help.

You’d be surprised at how well gadgets can fill up the absence of a man. So keep reading to know more about all the help you can get from the electronic world!

A Safe and Secure House

There’s no denying that having another adult around in the house will make you feel more secure. But when you don’t have that luxury, how can you guarantee your kids’ safety at home?

Well, thankfully, technology will come to the rescue. In addition to teaching your kids the concept of stranger danger, you should also install some additional security measures.

Security Cameras

Often kids open the door without looking. Now you can’t expect them to not have company. After all, they might want pizza delivered or have their friends come over.

The solution for this is to install a doorbell monitor. This device isn’t super expensive or very complicated to use. It will let your kids view who’s at the door from a distance. It is also much more reliable than a traditional looking glass.

You could also install webcams in the yard and throughout the house for overall security. If they know there’s a camera around, they won’t get up to any shenanigans. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on them and ensure their safety.

Lock Systems

Another useful security household gadget would be a keyless lock. Since keys can easily be stolen or lost and broken into, this option is highly recommended.

There are many lock systems currently on the market that opens with fingerprints, handprints or eye prints. This will also give your children ‘Spy Kid’ Movie vibes, which I’m sure they’ll enjoy.

These lock systems allow you to track the time at which doors are opened. So this would be a good way to know when your kids are leaving and entering the house.

You could also consider using smart locks for things you want your kids to stay away from. This is a good option if they’re grounded from watching tv, or you want your teens to avoid the liquor or medicine cabinet.

Cooking Assistance

Cooking can be quite the feat when you’re raising your kids alone. There’s nobody who can watch the boiling water while you chop the onions and soon enough, something will burn!

However, this is no excuse for ordering in fast food takeaway every day. There are still easier ways to place a healthy homemade meal on the table.

How Technology Can Help with Meals

There’s an app called Lotsa Helping Hands which will let you take help from your neighborhood. Community members can provide you with home-cooked meals based on your schedule.

You can also use apps like Hello Fresh that deliver prepared ingredients for home-cooked meals. There’s no food wastage either.

They provide the ingredients according to the number of people eating. Also, everything is already chopped so there’s no extra hassle.

Consider investing in technology like slow cookers, toast machines, and blenders. These are household staples, especially if you’re a single mom.

These gadgets will make your cooking process much faster and less strenuous.

Stay in Touch

Any good parent should communicate with their child regularly. They should also be very well aware of their kids’ whereabouts.

Now, this may be slightly difficult when you’re a single parent. But with the help of technology, this task becomes much easier!

The most obvious way of doing this is by giving your child a phone. Always keep your kids’ phones’ GPS location switched on.

For communication, an internet connection will do all the work. But do make sure there’s enough money to make emergency calls.

For Non Phone Users

If you think your kids are too young for a phone, there are some other solutions. You could opt for a wearable GPS for your child instead, in the form of an accessory like a watch or wristband.

Some of these can even allow you to send texts, which is extremely useful.

They might even have an emergency SOS signal.

Make sure to check out all the options in the market. Purchase a tracker that has a long battery life and relevant features.

A personal suggestion from me would be to give your children a simple phone or communication gadget when they’re alone anywhere. In this day and age, it’s important for them to have the means to communicate with you.

It doesn’t have to be fancy with games or the internet. Simple functions like texting or pressing alarm buttons are enough to stay in touch.

Keeping Kids Entertained

When you’re a single mom, keeping your kids entertained will be very important. Remember, bored kids, create more trouble than occupied ones!

Of course, outdoor activities are the best option. And for younger kids and toddlers, age-appropriate toys are the best option. But sometimes you also need electronic forms of entertainment.

That’s where tabs, computers, phones and video game gadgets like the Xbox, PS4, and others come in.

As for apps, I’m sure you’re no stranger to the wonderful world of Google Play or Apple App store. There are thousands, if not millions of fun games like Temple Run and academic ones like Trivia Quizzes as well. However, make sure you’ve got your parental controls on.

Household Gadgets

When you’re recently single, you might notice that you’re facing a lot of problems around the household. This is normal because in a marriage you rely on your partner for all sorts of household help.

However, now, in case of emergencies, you won’t have a second helping hand. So you need to be very well prepared.

Sensor Devices

For issues like plumbing, you could install leak sensors. These help to identify leaks and plumbing problems before they turn into flooding disasters.

You should also consider investing in good smoke detectors if you don’t have them already. Modern detectors don’t just go off randomly and are absolute lifesavers!

In addition to fire alarms install water sprinklers. This way any fire hazards can be immediately dealt with, even if you aren’t home.

You can also connect sensors that to your phone that switch on lights, music and even your water heater. The lights and the music can give the illusion that people are home, to prevent robbers from eyeing your house.

As for the heater, since you don’t have a partner to turn it on for you, a sensor will do the work. Even better is the fact that the sensor won’t forget what you asked!

Getting Alone Time

After a divorce, it’s only normal to get caught up with work and taking care of your kids. But the only way to heal properly is if you have some alone time.

There are many online services that can help you find experienced and trusted babysitters. You can also customize your sitter to whatever you need.

The best part is that you can even hire people specialized in dealing with special needs kids or skilled at first aid training.

You could also download some apps for podcasts and support groups for single mothers. You’d be surprised at how much these things help you connect with people.

During this time, keeping your mental health in check is also important. So you should consider trying out yoga and meditation apps.

Keeping a certain amount of time daily for self-reflection and mindfulness will actually make you feel amazing.

Final Thoughts

Divorce is a messy time. After this emotional tornado, you have to pick up the pieces of your broken house and somehow go back to being normal.

Well, this certainly isn’t a walk in the park. But taking the help of technology can make the process much easier. It can make your daily routine that much more efficient.

However, it’s not a substitute for human companionship. Take whatever assistance it provides, but don’t get too engrossed.

So go and explore what science and innovation have to offer and enjoy your newly independent, toxicity free life to the fullest!

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