Technical SEO Strategy – 9 Important Tips to Implement in 2020

Cut-throat competition is continuously increasing online, as around 380 new websites are created every minute and, the Internet Statistics and Facts for 2019 reveled that around 1.94 billion websites were on the internet in January 2019. 

Therefore, search engine optimization is done to improve the online presence of a website. That does not only improve the online presence of a business but also corner the business competitors. 

Moreover, a full search engine optimized website is more likely to be found by its potential visitors in search results. So, let’s discuss the Top SEO Trends that will affect your website ranking in 2020:

1. Snippets Will Increase in Presence

Google launches many updates each year to provide better user experience, and Featured Snippets is one of them. It generally appears on the number #one position on the search result page, which is also referred to as Position 0. You can also involve this featured snippet in your 2020 SEO strategy, just give more apparent answers to commonly asked questions to takes its best advantages.

Featured Snippets

 Recent researches show that around 54.68% of clicks are derived from Google’s Featured Snippets. 

2. Invest in Artificial Intelligence

The famous search engines like Google and Yahoo have begun using Artificial Intelligence in updating their algorithms for providing the best user experience to their users. Before a few years ago, search engines showed keywords-based results, but now with the revolutionary AI, the result depends on the user’s needs: what they search, what device they are using for exploring, and what technology they use like voice search. The best instances of AI technology in Google are Google Assistance, Keyword prediction, Voice Search, etc.   

Google AI

3. Voice Search

According to a recently published Voice Search Statistics and Emerging Trends, around 50% of all online searches will be performed with voice search by the year 2020. 

Voice Search

Google and several other such search engines emphasize more on voice search optimization due to its prolific and extensive use. The main motive of all search engines is to provide accurate and quick results to their users, and voice search plays a vital role in that. So, it is necessary to optimize your website for voice search so that it will help in generating more organic traffic on your website. 

4. Make Your Web HTTPS

Security is always on the top priority for search engines, so it’s good to install an SSL certificate from Cheapsslshop on your website is the easiest way to secure your website and to improve your SEO ranking. 

secure your website and to improve your SEO ranking

Moreover, the Chrome browser has started showing an HTTP website as an unsecured website to its users. So, why does to compromise with the web security factor that directly affects your web ranking. Therefore, install an SSL certificate on your website to encrypt the sensitive information of your users as well as to improve your SEO. 

If you are running a large business with multiple domains, you may install a Cheap san SSL certificate on your website to for getting the best benefits like unlimited protection with a single certificate, cost-effective, compatible with most browsers, trust seal and enhances users trust.

5. Video Content Will Rule Out In 2020

Experts say that around 78% of mobile data will be consumed on video content by the year 2021.  Therefore, you will find a boost in using video content as a major digital marketing tool. So, consider including video content optimization in your SEO strategy to meet the standards of search engines.

6. Mobile UX Will Have A Huge Effect on Your Rankings

Around 63% of shopping and approx 88% of searches are done through mobile phones. So, ignore having a mobile version of your website causes a huge loss in your organic traffic that comes through smartphones. If you want to improve your SEO ranking and keep up with your rivals, your sites must be designed for mobile devices.

7. Create and Optimize Your XML Sitemap

Search engines use XML Site Map as a guide while website crawling. So, the XML Site Map is one of the most important technical elements of SEO Strategy. XML sitemap optimization is quite easy; just add the important pages of your website on your XML sitemap. Don’t include any author pages, tag pages, or other pages which do not have original content on their own in your sitemap.

8. Eliminate 404 Error

404 Error occurs when your website is linking to pages that do not exist, which is also referred to as broken links. To eliminate 404 Error, make sure you set up a 301 redirect on your website so that it brings your visitors from old pages to new pages automatically, and, Google cannot crawl broken links that negatively affect your search rankings. 

9. Creating Quality Content

Some people believe that investing in online ads will worth your money, but it’s a wrong perception. 91% of total ad spend is viewed for less than a second, so why not invest your money in creating quality content like blogs, press releases, and news that will boost your web ranking instantly.


Developing and launching a website is not enough to run your business online, you need to grab a follow up to the latest marketing tips and build the best Technical SEO Strategy 2020 to shine out in the ever-evolving digital market. 

Hopefully, all the above-alluded technical SEO trends will help you stand out in the online competition a better way.

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