What Are Canonical Tags When Should You Use Them

What Are Canonical Tags and When Should You Use Them?

Canonical tags come in many guises – rel canonical, canonical URL tag, even rel=canonical – but despite their different names, they all mean the same thing.

The canonical tag tells a search engine which page serves as the ‘master’ copy. Using a meta tag in your site’s HTML header, you can reduce duplicate returns of the same content with different URL extensions in searches. How? Because canonical tags tell a search engine which version of your content came first, and which you want to show.

With fewer duplicates in any given search, your canonical page gets boosted higher in the search results, sending more hits to your original content. But canonical tags are complex – and in this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about them from best practice uses to how and when you should use a canonical tag, and if there are alternative solutions that would work better for you given your situation. Let’s get started.

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Technical SEO Strategy – 9 Important Tips to Implement in 2020

Cut-throat competition is continuously increasing online, as around 380 new websites are created every minute and, the Internet Statistics and Facts for 2019 reveled that around 1.94 billion websites were on the internet in January 2019. 

Therefore, search engine optimization is done to improve the online presence of a website. That does not only improve the online presence of a business but also corner the business competitors. 

Moreover, a full search engine optimized website is more likely to be found by its potential visitors in search results. So, let’s discuss the Top SEO Trends that will affect your website ranking in 2020:

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E-A-T SEO: How to Create Content That Google Wants

Over the past few months that is a buzzword, “E-A-T” that everyone is talking about. If you are also looking for the answer, then you have come to the right place.

Today, you will learn everything you need to know about E-A-T, including:

  • What is E-A-T?
  • Why E-A-T is important for your web pages?
  • The relationship between E-A-T and “Your Money or Your Life”
  • How to use E-A-T?
  • How Google understands E-A-T

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What Are 6 Good SEO Habits to Remember

Behind every great digital marketing campaign is an excellent outlook toward search engine optimization (SEO). Put simply, the way we understand SEO and apply it to our marketing strategies affect a huge part of our campaign’s returns and conversions. And if we want our digital marketing strategies to be effective, we have to consider the way we understand and apply SEO to our marketing work. Good SEO practices for most certainly guarantee great impressions from search engines. Thing is, with search engines updating their algorithms almost every year, finding that sweet spot in SEO can be difficult. 

Difficult, yes, but not impossible. In fact, you can almost certainly guarantee great SEO numbers for your brand and website if you follow our six (6) simple but very practical SEO habits: 

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