Conversion Rate Optimization Marketing s Most Underused Weapon

Conversion Rate Optimization: Marketing’s Most Underused Weapon

If I add one more cheese slice, it will make my sandwich yummier. If I read one more chapter, maybe I can score better in my exam. 

And only if I can get some more traffic on my website that would give me more orders, right? Wrong! 

Not everything in life is black and white. At the time, there is a gray area that makes things more interesting. 

Whether you are planning to start a business with your friends or are already struggling to sustain your current business, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is something that will keep you awake at night. 

If your startup is not making people do something, then what is the point of keeping your shop open. Every day your goal as a business is to make people act on something. 

Whether it is a subscription to your blog, downloading an e-book or making a purchase on your website, if people are not giving you revenue, then this blog post is your only chance of survival. 

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8 Techniques to Boost Your Online Business Sales

There aren’t any magic tricks that can double online business sales overnight. However, there are a few tactics that come in handy to improve them.

The importance of online sales for any company is almost self-evident. Companies that have high online sales get to earn a healthy amount of revenues. But for that, companies need to adapt to the new reality and embrace the digitalization of the international market place. It is especially essential for a new online business that is looking to accelerate the return on investment and build a sustainable source of long-term revenues.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of eight techniques that can be applied to increase the traffic level of your new online store and subsequently help you to boost your business sales.

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Best SaaS Lead Generation Tactics

Developing strategies to generate leads is a stepping stone for any fast-growing SaaS company. Relying mostly on monthly subscription renewals, software-as-a-service companies have to make an extra effort to retain their existing customers while also generating new, quality B2B leads who are looking for the kind of service they are offering.

According to research, only 27% of the B2B leads are sales-ready when first approached. Nurturing them with relevant content throughout the sales funnel is the only way to get conversions. Fortunately, there are few efficient tactics which proved to be useful in generating SaaS leads.

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How to Manage Multiple Sales Channels Successfully

The rapid development of e-commerce has led to an increasingly competitive business environment. All sellers both online and offline are trying their best to develop new ways to promote. This means that sellers are using multiple channels to sell and to grow their business. Time changes, and so does the market. Sellers have to stop limiting themselves by waiting for customers in the marketplace.

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7 Guidelines for Effective Sales Presentation Delivery

Are you a business owner and looking to expand your operations and increase your sales? Every entrepreneur dreams of expanding his business and for that, he needs to play smartly both in the terms of marketing and sales. Marketing techniques should be used which are highly effective and ensure excellent reach, while sales should be kept intact to avoid going in a deficit at any time.

Furthermore, new parties should also be approached for the purpose of increasing sales and for that delivering a presentation would be important. Following are some of the tips for a successful sales presentation.

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