Effective Ways on How to Improve Your Amazon Sales This Year

As of today, there are already millions of sellers registered in Amazon and still keeps on increasing. The reason why is that the platform offers a huge size of established customers. Furthermore, Amazon sellers enjoy the benefits of not worrying about packing and shipping of orders cause the company will do it for them, making deliveries faster and even more efficient. Some sellers don’t even need to market their products since the platform has its own marketing features and persuasive selling techniques. The platform also provides superb customer support, which is why a lot of people trust Amazon more than its competitors.

However, due to the high number of sellers, there’s a high chance that someone or even more out there will also sell similar products with yours. With this, one has to compete with them and must do everything to stay on top of the marketplace. Furthermore, because of the fierce competition, sellers are dragged down into price wars to the point that they only get little to no profit at all. 

To win over the competition and improve your Amazon sales this year, below we have listed some practical ways that you can use.

Get those Positive Reviews

Get those Positive Reviews - Increase the Amazon Sales by doing it

It is an excellent practice to get email automation set up before launching a new product. Use that service to ensure that all your customers will receive an email promoting your new product listing as well as other information such as promo codes or discounts to encourage them to visit your Amazon page.

This tool allows you to send a thank you email every time a customer purchases any product in your listings. And during that moment, grab the opportunity and ask for a product review. 

However, make sure that your email is optimized by giving it the best subject titles, genuine content, and, more importantly, it should have a call-to-action feature to encourage them to leave a positive review. Avoid persuading them that your brand is one of the world’s best since that approach doesn’t work anymore. Instead, curate content that is on a personal level because they induce more engagement.

Also, for you to further increase your chance of engagement, you can offer freebies like an eBook related to your niche.

Once customer reviews are starting to flow, don’t ignore and make sure to read them. In this way, you can get a better understanding of what your customers say about your product. Use that data to create some changes to your product page. With better reviews, it can help you to increase more leads and generate more sales.

Amazon SEO (On-page Optimization)

Have you ever heard of Amazon SEO before? It is a powerful tool that helps your listings to become highly visible to customers who are searching for products similar to yours using the Amazon search engine. If any of your listings remain on the first page of the search results, you’ll have a better chance of getting a sale. 

To make this work, you need to learn about the basics of SEO. You need to ensure that you are applying relevant keywords starting from your product titles, product descriptions, and throughout your content. With this, you’ll get a higher chance of appearing into the top of search results compared to others who choose not to utilize SEO.

There are lots of free and paid keyword research tools out there that you can use to find the most relevant, top-performing keywords in your niche. Once you have selected the best keywords, make sure to integrate them into your content.

However, like Google, Amazon doesn’t need keyword stuffing, so no need to place the same keyword repeatedly throughout your content but instead place other relevant keywords related to your niche. Also, the seller name is automatically indexed in the Amazon search engine, so make sure to include your seller name in your content. 

Moreover, Amazon’s Q&A section gets also indexed by the search engine, so use this as an opportunity to get visible to people. What you can do is ask a friend to ask something in the Q&A section and ask him/her to include keywords relevant to your niche. The next step is to provide an excellent answer to his/her question. This will impress people that you’re an expert on your niche and, in turn, will try your brand.

SEO keeps evolving over time, so make sure you are updated with the current trends about this powerful tool and apply them to your content.

Drive External Traffic

While getting more sales outside of Amazon is quite challenging, it’s still possible, and it’s an excellent opportunity to increase your sales only if executed properly. Below are just some ways to attract traffic to your sales page outside Amazon.

a) Social media

Social media has billions of subscribers across different platforms. And at this moment, you should have probably realized that most of your target customers have social media accounts. Most social media platforms offer affordable advertising features like Facebook ads that you can utilize to reach a specific group of people, which more likely shows an interest in your product niche.

Using social media ads across different platforms to promote your Amazon sales page is one surefire way to drive traffic, thus increasing the leads as well as conversions. 

b) Influencer marketing

On the other hand, Influencer marketing allows you to collaborate with people that have high numbers of followers either on their social media or on their blog websites. These influencers have established credibility, and people tend to trust and believe whatever they may say to them.

While some may require monetary payment before they promote your products on Amazon, some will gladly do it for you for free. What’s important is that you should only choose influencers that talk about things similar to your niche.

c) Email marketing

While Amazon has its own Email servicing feature called Amazon SES (Amazon Simple Email Service), you can still opt to have your own email marketing strategy using other email automation tools. Email marketing is inexpensive yet far more effective than any other digital marketing strategies. It allows you to promote your products to your target customer on a personal level since you can address them individually by name.

Also, unlike social media, you can easily reconnect with your previous customers since you already know who among them have purchased your product and promote your newly listed products on your Amazon page.

d) Blogger Outreach

Similar to influencer marketing, blogger outreach allows you to promote your product by placing your Amazon product links in one of their high-traffic blogs. However, it is also essential to consider the blog’s niche since it needs to be relatively similar to yours.

e) Create a blog website

Another way to drive external traffic to your amazon product page is by having your own website. While this might be an added expense, it still has the potential to attract new customers, especially if done right. Make sure that your website is beautifully crafted, SEO optimized, mobile-friendly, and offering high-quality content to increase site visitors.

Using your website, you can collect large numbers of email subscriptions that you can use for your email marketing campaign. You can also put your Amazon product links in your blog contents so you can redirect your readers to your Amazon page.

Use a repricing tool for amazon

Pricing in Amazon keeps changing every ten minutes or less, and you need to keep up if you want your product to stay competitive. However, manually repricing all your listings would cost you a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Also, not to mention the risk of typographical mistakes that could happen during the manual repricing process. On the other hand, a repricing tool for amazon allows you to be one step ahead of the competition. It can easily detect any price change from your competitors and automatically readjust your pricing to stay competitive in the marketplace. It is also advantageous when competing for the elusive ‘Amazon Buy Box’ while avoiding price wars. After all, getting a fair share in ‘Amazon Buy Box’ allows you to generate more sales.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Make use of Amazon Sponsored Ads to increase sales

This Amazon feature should not be treated as an added expense. Amazon sponsored ads allow you to promote your products and increase their discoverability and visibility in the platform. It makes your product to be the first on the list whenever a customer searches for a particular product that is similar to yours. Moreover, it encourages online shoppers to try your product, especially if you are launching a new one in your listings.

It is also an excellent tool for brand awareness since your product is always listed first in front of potential customers. Amazon sponsored ads provide reports that also contain high-traffic keywords allowing you to find quality keywords for your product page content. With this, you can further optimize your on-page SEO and drive organic traffic in the long run.

The Takeaway

Make sure to apply all these tips we have mentioned above to increase your Amazon sales effectively. However, make sure also to keep on track of your items in stock cause you’ll probably have problems in keeping them in high numbers once you applied our tips.

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