ZUS – The Only Performance Car Phone Charger and Locator [Review]

ZUS - Smart Car Charger and Locator

ZUS – a smart charger for your mobile devices and a car locator. And probably the only high-performance charger available in the market today.

If you are in this post, you have probably already owned more than a few smartphones. As a continuous problem when we are using smartphones, it drains out battery due to excessive usage.

Many of us use car chargers for phones or even for tablets. Now, until today, I have bought over 10 to 12 different brands of car chargers. Some of them are cheap, some are not. Problem was, they have not performed as expected. Usual 2 port USB car chargers, most of the time they do not charge 2 devices at the same time with some consistency. This becomes a problem when you are going out somewhere and you need your car chargers to be reliable to charge your devices.

I knew about the Indiegogo edition of ZUS (by Nonda). The idea seemed interesting and feasible. Then I got an email requesting to do testing on this device. I am always open to review these devices and their potential.

After testing it for almost a month, ZUS outperformed my expectations.

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Future of Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development

Future of Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development

Technology has bridged the gap between the digital world and the real world. And this technology is none other than Augmented Reality. Augmented reality is not new; the concept was already there several years ago. But the term was not named. And now it has become popular so much so that virtual reality apps built using this technology like Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm.

Several apps are built using this technology. For example, Lens kart gives an opportunity to its users to review the products via augmented reality. It gives a virtual feeling of wearing the lenses.

Furniture outlets like IKEA are using this technology to allow people to place virtual furniture at their place. Social media platforms like Snapchat is also taking leverage of augmented reality for superimposing graphics and images on its users face adding a unique touch to the app.

We have so far discussed the role of augmented reality in the entertainment category. But there are several other categorical applications of this technology. Let’s talk about them.   

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5 Business Intelligence Technologies to Watch

business intelligence

The business world doesn’t run the way it has in the past. It used to take an incredible effort for companies to collect and use data in any kind of meaningful way. And even if an enterprise was able to use data, there was no guarantee on its accuracy. Today, data is everywhere. This is especially true in the corporate world. While in the past, Business intelligence was limited to large organizations, small companies are now adopting BI at a faster rate. This is a major sign that the tides of the BI world are shifting. Here are five business intelligence technologies to watch right now.

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3 Apps to Control Your Computer with Your Android Device

Thanks to improved information and communication technology, you can now do virtually anything from your mobile device. Other than creating and sending application files such as word, excel and PowerPoint from your mobile device, you can now be able to monitor and control your CCTV camera.

But perhaps the biggest breakthrough is the ability to control your PC from your android device. This feature can be achieved by downloading and installing apps such as PhoneMyPC, LogMeIn Ignition and Gmote amongst others on your android device. Listed below are some of the apps that you can install in your android device to control your PC.

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Mobile App Development Trends for 2018 & Beyond

mobile app devlopment

Despite numerous technology-related innovations from a wide-range of different tech niches, mobile app development is bound to grow beyond our wildest imagination in next couple of years.

The first quarter of 2017 has already seen around 350 million mobile devices shipped from smartphone manufacturers and into the hands of the consumers, indicating a rapid growth in sales in mobile devices, as well as usage trends regarding smartphone-like devices.

This is hardly surprising, once we consider the ever-increasing power of mobile CPUs and GPUs, better battery lives and storage improvements, but also the improvements in software needed to run various, high-end applications.

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