7 Tips For Improving Your Mobile Testing Strategy

Strategy to Scrutinize

Mobile Applications are driving us to perform our daily needs easily. Every user expects an efficient performance of any application which will facilitate his work. Developing an application is the first phase and the second phase will be testing it. One needs to test an application against many features. An app should be tested to know its functionality, usability, performance, and security.

As the dependents of mobile applications increases, day by day Mobile testing gained momentum nowadays. Today the users of the traditional desktop are lesser than the users of small screens i.e., mobile users.

The reason behind this is many complex tasks can easily make fulfilled using mobile applications. Another reason is Mobiles are portable hence mobile applications gained its importance. From personal to professional tasks almost everything is feasible with mobile apps.

To get their work done better, users check for effective mobile apps. They prefer for high usability and performance apps. Hence to provide them a responsive app one must take care while testing phase of a mobile application.

An app should be free from flaws. The mobile application testing is completely different from traditional software testing. Challenges are to be faced in the process of testing an application.

Some of the tips to build the strategy for mobile testing for you:

Test against a broad range of devices.

The testing strategy you adopt must test the compatibility of an application on various platforms and operating systems.

For this, you need to test your application against multiple devices. It is better to understand what users are using and then to establish a test strategy accordingly.

It’s important to carry Manual Testing

Effective mobile testing includes both Automated and manual testing’s. Even automated testing is easy and inviting; manual testing is a way to find solutions for your needs.

However cumbersome tasks are carried through an automated testing process; manual testing has its own importance.

Test on Emulators, Simulators and Real devices.

The basis for testing strategy is testing a mobile application on different emulators and simulators.  Because the ability to test application on real mobile devices gives you the real user experience.

To develop a highly attractive application which should rob the hearts of users one must hire ui ux designer. However, some features like touch response, swiping, color and brightness can only be observed on actual devices.

Test under various Network Connections

You need to experiment with the behavior of mobile applications under different network connections and different connectivity modes like Wi-Fi, LTE. One needs to identify the target audience of application and also the type of network they will use.

Be cautious with security aspects

Information is wealth. We do save important information stored in our Mobile devices. Hence security plays a vital role in protecting user’s data so you need to develop your strategy in such a way that should fix the security issues in mobile.

To do so, your strategy must include testing the communication whether secured and encrypted or not. Also, check how an application is integrating with other apps.

Make use of Modern frameworks.

A variety of test scenarios can be done by adopting modern framework and platforms. It gives real time results. One way to get effective results is to use the Cloud.

OS Testing

Android and ios are the only mobile OS we know. But Android has some 7 variants of OS versions. One must test for a suitable OS version testing.

To perform successful testing on a mobile application one must keep in the mind these tips above.

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