Internet Statistics Facts

Top Stats and Facts on Internet Usage #Infographic

You don’t need anyone to point out that the Internet has become increasingly popular over the last decade. We have seen the fascinating evolution of smartphones and other devices that enable quick and easy Internet access and this has been a key enabler in increased Internet usage.

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7 Reasons for Millennial Marketing [Infographic]

There are many excuses for not tapping into millennials. It can be your brand, product or feasibility of attracting millennial that might be stopping you. On the contrary, if you do extensive research on millennials you will come to know that they have everything a business expects from their customers.

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How to Maximize Online Engagement Using Visual Content

Visual content is an extremely effective marketing tool used to boost online engagement by the majority of marketers. HubSpot statistics clearly state that video content is the most efficient and is quickly becoming the most popular on the Web.

However, other types of visuals, like pictures. Infographics and presentations remain highly effective in various applications. To increase engagement through visual content one needs to understand their audience and improve the quality of the offered visuals.

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7 Practical Tips for Social Selling via LinkedIn [Infographic]

Did you know there are 7.6 billion people in the world and 3.2 billion of them actively use social media? That is how popular and powerful social media is.

With Facebook taking the big chunk of the pie, other social media sites rarely get the attention it deserves. Trends are changing and shifting towards other social networking websites.

With half of the world’s population using social media, it is a lucrative platform for businesses.

Although, very few businesses have managed to make the most of social media there is a lot of business looking for new ways to connect with their target audience and there is no better way to do that than social media.

Fostering meaningful relations with your clients result in successful sales. However, social selling is a much more targeted strategy. It entails relying on your social networks to close, qualify, and find prospects.

Its “social” in essence, because essentially you are focusing on cultivating those indispensable relationships with a constant stream of stellar content to engage customers and answering their queries to keep them intrigued until they are ready to purchase.

And when we are talking about B2B sales, nothing can help you better than your LinkedIn!!

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7 Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Product without Being Salesy

Social media is one of the strongest tools businesses have nowadays. Their entire target audience uses social media on daily basis to access better and faster information, making it essential to include this into their marketing strategy.

If you thought that social media is great for customers to find a variety of products online, you were right. But, customers aren’t the only people who benefit from social media. Businesses are right there on the other side of the sales channel, making online marketing their most effective tool to boost sales.

However, when you wish to grow online and promote your products, you are risking appearing to salesy in the eyes of the audience. With so many businesses pursuing online marketing strategies to attract customers, the audience has become much harder to convince and please. Customers no longer want to read the same promotional content over and over again. They want something unique instead of something common. Everything else will appear too pushy.

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