Web Design Clichés and Expectations

The word cliché is one with generally bad connotations and try to avoid. However it’s important to note that a cliché is not necessarily always a bad thing, and rather just simply means that it’s used often and isn’t particularly imaginative. Clichés become clichés because they’re successful and because they work.

In web design, there are plenty of clichés and many things that we expect to see when we look at a site. You can look at any website and generally just tick off any number of tropes and trends and are bound to exist. Here we will list a few of them here – but just know that the aim is not to tell you that you absolutely must avoid these clichés – rather it’s just to make you aware of them so that you can opt to include them in your design to help you fit users expectations or leave them out on purpose in order to create something completely unique and different.

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The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client [Infographic]

It’s almost unheard of for a business these days not to have its own website, which is great news for those who specialize in web design. The bad news is is that business clients can be difficult to deal with because they often have less than a clue about what they actually need. Most of them want eye-catching, attention-grabbing work with pizazz, flair and bright colors. In other words, they tend towards having a tacky taste. A floral shop owner, for instance, may actually want a web designer to include words such as “bokay” in order to show how cute their business is.

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How to Create Retro Print Effects [Photoshop]

Create Retro Print Effects

There are lots of ways to take a photo and make it a little more interesting. Some of the most fun effects are actually making it look older than it is. You can dress up like a flapper girl or a cowboy, but having the photo in the right tones really makes the photo look as if it’s straight from another time period. There are many photo programs available to play with your photos. Some come with pre-made filters that take one click. The most common photo editing software for pros and aspiring photographers is Adobe Photoshop. Here we will discuss how to adjust new photos in Photoshop and make them look older.

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