Five Tips on How to Design a High-Quality Brochure

Have you ever seen bad designs of the brochures. We think you have. If you don’t want people to throw away your printed ad, take a look at some tips that we give you in this article. There are five items that differ a good design from the bad one.

Why do they need it?

Before you start designing, you should ask yourself a question why people may need your advertisement. Here we mean real reasons. And you should mention it in the brochure, of course. If you don’t tell people why they should read it and buy something from you, they won’t do it.

Lack of fonts

There’s no need to make a rainbow of fonts and styles. Using brochure templates word will make your task much easier. Beginners tend to find unique fonts that have never been used before. It’s a big mistake as people like to the things they’ve seen before and they trust such things more. Especially if we mean elderly people.

Choose the paper

Soft and smooth as silk or hard as wood? What would you choose? Depending on the concept of your project try to avoid using standard types of paper. We advise to save money on color but preserve a unique texture. For example, if you sell toys for kids, you can make a brochure out of plastic or you can make it wooden for kids to play with.

Analyze competitors

It’s the core of any kind of advertising activity. Why should you make your own mistakes if you can use any negative and positive experience of your competitors? Just put all the brochures you have on the table or on the floor in front of you and start throwing away the ones you don’t like. And pay attention to the ones that stand out among the rest.

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Take high-quality photos

If you print low-quality photos, your ad campaign will definitely fail. You will lose less with a poor text. If you have no money for the photographer, you can use stock sites, but you should carefully choose the photos. They should look natural and neutral.

Think of simple words

If you write something that every child can read and understand, you will succeed. Don’t try to make simple things complicated. The less text you have, the better the brochure will be. It doesn’t mean using only a few words. It means providing as much information as possible with the minimum text possible.

If you think that designing a brochure is too difficult for you, it means you have never tried to do this. Practice will show you how to cope with every step of the process with the minimum pain.

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