Getting Your Friends to Help Create Your Website

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If you are trying to make money from a blog or a website as a hobbyist or as an entrepreneur, then you will be at a rather large disadvantage compared to many of the other blogs out there. You see the problem is that you are just one person – and while you might be very talented and very dedicated, you will be going up against blogs and websites run by whole professional teams. If you want to make a gaming website for instance, then you will have to go up against IGN which has offices full of people uploading numerous posts daily, teams of web designers with professional degrees and the best software, and support from the games industry as well.

All of this can then mean that it’s hard for your website to stand out and to look as professional, and this can be somewhat infuriating.

A Little Help From My Friends…

However while this is the case for many sites and individuals, there are ways that you can get a little more man-power and skill behind your website. Chances are you see that you will have a large number of friends, all of whom will have various skills, and all of whom will want to help you become a success.

Most people for instance know a photographer – so why not ask them to take some photos for you to use on your site. This way you can use images that look professional and that are completely unique to your site which will immediately elevate your site.

Likewise you will find that most people can write fairly well even if their text requires a little editing afterward. Then there are those friends who probably know how to code, and who probably know how to market – and all of these are useful skills.

Putting Them to Use

Of course part of the problem is that not everyone is going to want to help for free – and you might also not want to ask for help and feel as though you are imposing.

However this is the wrong attitude as simply, if you don’t ask you won’t get. And at the same time it means you are probably asking in the wrong way… In order to get someone to offer you help you see, you should avoid asking and instead consider offering. People love feeling needed, they love having their work promoted, and they love being involved – as such if you say to them that they can do some photography for your site ‘if they like’ then suddenly you might pique their interest – and especially if you include them in the ‘about’ page and tell them how many views you get.

Meanwhile you can always consider offering remuneration, as you are likely to still get some kind of ‘mates rates’. Failing this you can always offer your services in exchange for theirs – and there is probably something you could do for them in return.

Finally, and best of all, whether your friends want to help or not, you should make sure that you get them to teach you how to do what they do. This way you will no longer be forced to rely on their services but you will still be able to make your site more professional looking and raise the standard.

Brian is a blogger and internet marketer. He created his first website 5 years ago with help from friends. Now some of his websites are so popular that he shifted to a Orlando colocation datacenter to handle the traffic.

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