How to Get the Best from Your Android Device

How to Get the Best from Your Android Device in 2020?

Have you noticed how people just flip their phones during the meetings and it stops ringing immediately? One can do it by clicking on Settings -> Gestures and enabling the ‘Rotate to Mute’ feature. There are a lot of other Android device hacks and tricks that can make you look high-tech and impress your peers.

Here are some of the best Android tricks to try this year:

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Advantages of Utilizing Augmented Reality with Android

The full swing of Augmented Reality has transfigured every business in the digital arena. This revolutionizing era has enlightened mobile application development by transforming virtual objects into the real world. As a new emerging technology for smartphone users, augmented reality android applications are destined to become the future commonplace on every smartphone.

Often believed to be primarily focused on gaming, there is a sign of a growing niche market in Augmented Reality mobile marketing. With new technologies being introduced for both Android and Apple smartphone as well as tablet industry, various augmented reality opportunities will quickly become widespread once the smartphone technology optimized the phone’s feature functionalists.

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Will Google’s new Fuchsia replace Android?

You might have never heard of Fuchsia before, and with reason: Google, who is working on this new operating system as we speak, is being quite secretive about it.

In fact, there are even some discrepancies in the way Fuchsia is presented: on one hand, the team working on it talks about it as a new product that will soon be available, an operating system who can run on several devices; on the other hand, Google’s management refers to it in more hypothetical terms, as if it was still an experiment.

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