Advantages of Utilizing Augmented Reality with Android

The full swing of Augmented Reality has transfigured every business in the digital arena. This revolutionizing era has enlightened mobile application development by transforming virtual objects into the real world. As a new emerging technology for smartphone users, augmented reality android applications are destined to become the future commonplace on every smartphone.

Often believed to be primarily focused on gaming, there is a sign of a growing niche market in Augmented Reality mobile marketing. With new technologies being introduced for both Android and Apple smartphone as well as tablet industry, various augmented reality opportunities will quickly become widespread once the smartphone technology optimized the phone’s feature functionalists.

What Exactly Confines as Augmented Reality in Android Applications?

In the world of Android applications, augmented reality is described as viewing a real or physical image with elements or components, which have been modified with computer-generated effects. Often, such results will offer an enhanced perception of the image in real-time. The only limitation of this feature is the imagination of developers.

Out there are many Augmented Reality Android applications. Though the technique was originally introduced for industrial, military, and medical applications, it now focuses on commercial as well as entertainment industries.

Examples of Augmented Reality in Android or Mobile Marketing

Starbucks Augmented Cups

To regenerate interest of customers in Starbucks, this coffee store chain used augmented reality to create images on decorated cups come to life. With their mobile app for Apple and Android devices, customers were able to view five distinct animated shows on five different cups. The promotion brought Starbucks a good number of customers and at the same time gave coffee drinkers something fun to do with their android.

2012 VW Beetle

Volkswagon used augmented reality to target a customer segment that valued high-performance capabilities. It introduced AR-interfaced billboards around Vancouver and Toronto, enabling anyone with an iPad or iPhone to view virtual Beetles performing stunts high in the sky above busy downtown streets. The campaign launched more than 100,000 views in a few weeks, generating a lot of buzz for the company.

Moosejaw Image App

Moosejaw used AR for its 2011 catalog. This outerwear retailer used AR technology to offer viewers x-ray vision while looking through the catalog. Users can download the app to see models, normally wearing heavy winter outwear, in little clothing.

The augmented reality app also worked well for digital catalogs and in-store displays. The campaign generated great buss in the tech community for the brand and it definitely got abundant of people’s attention.


This app consists of three distinct products namely, Magic Face, XZIMG Augmented Face, and Vision. The Augmented face is a facial tracing technique that works on the unity Support. The vision identifies the white and black markers as well as simple images. The Magic Face is a make-up based face replacement of the user’s face.


It is set to offer some spectacular functions and is considered as one of the finest platforms for augmented reality application development. This android app utilizes the comfort of a notable platform that can recognize 3D and 2D objects and can also play videos when the targeted surface is identified. Vuforia can easily manage Cloud recognition and local devices to encode data through own barcode and acts as marketers too. It is inbuilt with standard vocabulary including more than 100,000 words that recognize text.

Apple ARKit

This is another excellent example of AR, where this kit works on Apple A10 and A9 CPUs, which has some amazing functionalities like visual inertial odometry, lighting, and plane detection. Also, it works with combination with Unreal Engines and Unity.


This is an open source augmented reality software that allows customizing to any of the mobile application that functions on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, and Windows. This ARtoolkit comes with some reliable functionality, like Automatic Camera Calibration, GPS Integration, and Simultaneous Tracking.


This augmented reality app development kit is available for free and comes with a commercial license where the free kit is a watermark. This recognizes 3D and 2D images and SLAM support and also does not support the Unity Support.


This is another top-tier augmented reality app development kit equipped with excellent features that assist to location-based as well as iOS, Windows and Android AR mobile applications. It is equipped with tracking to map environment and geo-location based features to develop AR applications.

To Sum Up

Till date, different types of applications involving architecture, archeology, commerce, industrial design, art, navigation, medical, office workspace, military, and task support have gained from the benefits of using augmented reality. In addition to this, applications designed for tourism, translation, and sightseeing have all shown to be greatly enhanced by using the augmented reality technology.

As a developer, you can explore a variety of feature with AR including object tracking, image recognition, geo-location, and more to enhance your application through augmented reality. Most popular tablet and smartphone apps can help to create a better world by offering information easily, reducing redundancy, and enhancing our lives on a daily basis.

Augmented reality is a kind of technology that can conveniently pave the way for optimal integrated and interactive tools to enhance our lifestyles. Being a developer, you must take advantage of all such and more benefits that augmented reality offers and incorporate the specific features to build Augmented Reality Android Development applications.

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