It’s Time to Prioritize mCommerce Experience for Your Magento Stores

Just a few years back e-commerce stores were just a small baby in the market. Comparing it with the present day, the entire population now revolves around the spell of online shopping. The spell which gave recognition to platforms like Magento E-commerce development company.

While the market had online shopping in the limelight, m-commerce was the backstage performer which comes shining through the curtains over the years.

To everyone’s surprise, today in 2019, the average number of the population spends roughly 4 hours of their day on a mobile phone. Further analysis shows that a person spends around one entire day on a smartphone within the whole week. The statistics of the usage of smartphones may be remotely relevant for you. But the real significance is, how e-commerce websites are affected by this transition?

The increased use of mobile phones has directly impacted the way people perceived online shopping. By the time, 79% of the mobile phone users have made an online purchase. Isn’t this a clear signal for e-commerce stores to shift their focus on mobile-friendly optimization?


The push towards mobile optimization seems a viable option in this modern age. Howbeit, if the focus of the developers does not take a shift, what shall happen? Let’s take sneak-peak below.

Imperative Reasons of Fallbacks

Armed with smartphones 24/7 and 365 days, your potential consumers are likely to approach your store through a mobile phone. On this account, if the store does not coordinate with the features of the mobile phone, the browsing experience may become complicated. Such complications shall degrade the user experience and make your consumers unhappy.

Remember, with such complications consumers will not shift their platform but rather will change the e-store. Result? The sales of your E-commerce store will drop because of an unengaging website.

Convinced with the fallbacks?

So it’s about time you take a ride towards strategies that will transform the vision of mCommerce to real value.

#1. Define a Cross-platform design

Both the desktop and mobile version of the website are distinct in terms of features and visibility. Does that ring a bell for your first step? It shall be to start with designing a website that is power-packed and responsive on both desktop and handheld device, i.e; smartphone. If the visuals the page are not richly designed, users are unlikely to stay any second longer.

The whole team of Magento E-commerce development has numerous designs to cater to the special demand of their consumers. Give a perfect conclusion to the website by testing and tweaking before the final launch.

#2. Refactor Advertisement and Pop-ups

It is a clean-shot task to avoid pop-ups and ads on a big screen platform like a desktop. But coming to mobile phones the screen space is extremely compact and invasive. Ads and pop-ups displayed on the small space will directly bring down the user satisfaction.

Clearly, the best advice would be to reduce the consistency of ads and divert the entire focus on deliberating resourceful information. With mobile phones, less is more!

#3. The Game of Checkout System

At the end the shopping experience, where would your consumer land? The checkout page, a page where the user is compelled to take the final decision. With a perception that mobile platform is different, we understand that the checkout process needs specialized optimization.

The contact forms and buy button, the two key players formatted properly will proliferate the sales of your e-store.

#4. Loading Speed: It’s Significant

“If you blink, you will miss”, the phrase entails the importance of every second. Failing to optimize the loading speed by using each second may drive away your consumers.

Roughly the loading speed of the website should remain between 2-3 seconds. Wondering how to timely optimize the speed? Run down tests and see if images and videos are within the size limit, if not it’s time to do some size cutting.

As an added bonus, the developers can implement AMP protocols enabling fast, efficient and rich-looking websites whose visibility is uniform over all the platforms.

The Future of E-stores: Smartphones

The future predictions are way more surprising that the facts stated today. The tendency of mobile usage will decrease (only in your dreams). All jokes aside, on a serious note by the year 2021, Magento E-commerce development speaks that 50% of the entire online sales shall come through mobile phones.

So as we say that power resides in your hands, the emergence of mCommerce will be the proof of that power.

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