How to Effortlessly Come Up with a Perfect and Unique Business Name Fast

When you are starting a business, you want to come up with a perfect name for it. It might seem like an easy task, but once you get down to it, you might soon find out that it is not such an easy task after all. If you are struggling with finding the right business name that completely covers the entire aspect of your business and what you stand for, here are some quick tips to help you make a selection.


Choose a name that is original. Avoid infringing on the copyright of another company. You can end up getting sued for copyright infringement. This is even if the name of the company you are copying is in a different industry. The name should not sound too close to the name of another company either.

Don’t limit yourself

Even if you are a small business, avoid limiting yourself. For instance, adding the name of your country or town might limit your operations to a specific geography only. This means that even if you expand internationally, you might lack that international appeal due to your localized name.

Therefore, pick a name that will still sound appealing even if you decide to scale up in future. The name should appeal to an international audience as well. Therefore, don’t choose names that are too specific. For instance, if you call yourself phone accessories, you might expand in the future and start selling other things, so this won’t be an accurate description of your business.

Should have positive vibes

Choose a name that will create positive vibes in the industry. This will make it even easier for it to be used in advertisements and all kinds of promotions. Your business name will give your business the ‘energy’ it needs in the industry. However, it should still be professional.

It should be simple

When you are looking to find a unique business name, it is essential that you choose a name that is simple. This will make it much easier for your clients to connect with it and even remember it. Make it easy for your customers to pronounce it and even spell it out.

Your customers should be able to catch on to the name right from the beginning. If the business name is too complicated, you might lose out on some customers who might be too intimidated by your complex business name


Give yourself time to brainstorm some business names. It will be much better if you work with your team when it comes to this. It can be a name that describes your industry, or the kind of services or products that you provide.

You could think up words that describe the advantages that you provide, the kind of effect that you want to create among your customers. You could even look up the translation of words from a different language like French or Latin or Greek. Therefore, assign yourself enough time to go through this process.

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