Using Facebook for Business Marketing

The key to increasing your online presence is including social media strategies to your marketing. Facebook and Twitter are just but some of the social networks that are mostly used by businesses toendorse their products and services.

While Facebook has always not been charitable to businesses, it is one of the most valuable marketing tools that every business should have. Even though GM recently announced that they will no longer be using Facebook as part of their marketing strategies, it is important to note out that businesses too are not fully utilizing this social network to their advantage. According to a recent study by Facebook, it was discovered that most businesses are currently tapping into roughly 13% of their market base.

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The Secrets of Professional Photo Printing

Some photographers are born with the ability to recognize the moment when composition and lighting come together to form the perfect shot. Others spend years studying the science and art behind the field, investing great sums in the process. Yet all photographers can benefit from learning more about the tricks of the trade used in post-production. Professional photo labs have a way of fine-tuning images using today’s technology that make them truly pop. The following are a few of their secrets.

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Getting Your Friends to Help Create Your Website

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If you are trying to make money from a blog or a website as a hobbyist or as an entrepreneur, then you will be at a rather large disadvantage compared to many of the other blogs out there. You see the problem is that you are just one person – and while you might be very talented and very dedicated, you will be going up against blogs and websites run by whole professional teams. If you want to make a gaming website for instance, then you will have to go up against IGN which has offices full of people uploading numerous posts daily, teams of web designers with professional degrees and the best software, and support from the games industry as well.

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Web Design Clichés and Expectations

The word cliché is one with generally bad connotations and try to avoid. However it’s important to note that a cliché is not necessarily always a bad thing, and rather just simply means that it’s used often and isn’t particularly imaginative. Clichés become clichés because they’re successful and because they work.

In web design, there are plenty of clichés and many things that we expect to see when we look at a site. You can look at any website and generally just tick off any number of tropes and trends and are bound to exist. Here we will list a few of them here – but just know that the aim is not to tell you that you absolutely must avoid these clichés – rather it’s just to make you aware of them so that you can opt to include them in your design to help you fit users expectations or leave them out on purpose in order to create something completely unique and different.

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