3 Ways AI Can Free Up Employee Time and Boost Customer Value

Interaction, creativity, and empathy are just some of the human abilities that makes us uniquely different. It is clear that when it comes to accurate tasks, navigation, and data search, human work is outperformed by AI systems.

Still, every side of this process has a limited range of performance and in terms of customer service, the best solution is to create a symbiotic relationship between AI systems and employers work.

Accordingly, to a recent Forrester study, this “win-win” process of AI business integration is beneficial for companies that target a digital development and the results are to be taken into consideration.

AI and working productivity

Targeting AI performance directly on customer service using upgraded technology is an approach that could also support employee development. Taking a global view of employee engagement the results show that no improvement was made on last 17 years in this area.

This issue could gain serious proportions as workers have to face more and more daily challenges. Scarcely integrated apps and programs, increasing amount of information to search into and accelerating both economical and infrastructural changes are only a few of them.

AI systems are there to take over that burden, enhance human capabilities and improve working environments. The beneficial effect on customer service is inherent.

The “human touch” augmented by Artificial Intelligence support is definitely increasing working productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

Customer support added value

An AI focus on employee support could upskill employers’ capacities, institutional knowledge, and better customer care service. Eliminating repetitive assignments, free up employee time, clearing out multiple manual tasks and optimizing information will enhance customer satisfaction due to a more rapid call and trouble-shooting response.

AI systems have the ability to connect activities, information and processes in a blink of an eye accurately identifying readily to use solutions allowing a more authentic human interaction and customer focus.

This optimistic approach is more suitable for a company that targets to add more customer value and not just replaces jobs with automation processes.

This is the way to a sustainable working environment development and a slow rate of job replacements.

Confidence and good quality service

AI will become a valuable tool for each company who understands that a good quality customer service is an asset, and so are their employees. Noosphere’s founder Max Polyakov commented that this process will assure and edge start for an ultimate goal of making life and work easier for everybody.

There are plenty of already successful examples of tirelessly new developing technologies that big industry players are testing on the market. Voice recognition is only one of them:

Google has improved their voice identification technology up to 98% accuracy; IBM Watson technology becomes ‘smarter’ every day as AI is brought to be more convenient and applicable to every size business.

The use of Chatbots is becoming a common reality as these valuable virtual assistants are triggering a more confident response from employees. As the Forrester report is stating, conferring with an AI assistant had made workers understand that this interaction is due to improve their performance and not just take their job away.

The result was an upgraded, more confident and interesting customer support approach.

Embracing and understanding that an internal AI system implementation it is more than a convenient cost reduction, can create endless opportunities for businesses and employee development.

And maybe aspiring for a customer happiness coordination position does not sound that bad. Leave the boring work for AI systems.

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